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Full Version: Tournament Draft Battle Idea
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A tournament idea. A Draft Battle. How it works is that it is sorta like deck format but both people know there combos right away and if you lose the battle you are not allowed to use that bey the whole rest of the battle. Once all 3 beys are eliminated you win the battle. 2 points to win that round. For example if I was using Vanish Fafnir, Astral Spriggan, and Roar Bahamut and my opponent was using Dangerous Belial, Savior Valkyrie, and Greatest Raphael. The first battle I used Astral Spriggan and they used Greatest Raphael we go until somebody gets 2 points then you can't use that bey the rest of the battle. Like if Greatest Raphael bursted Astral Spriggan that would be 2 points and I couldn't use Astral Spriggan the rest of the battle. I hope this makes sense.
Rewriting this so it comes off a bit cleaner. Credit to the LeftBurst Channel for the general idea.

This format will be a First/Final Stage Format with all points that MFB/BST Formats abide by.

Similar to P3C1 and 3on3, there will be three beyblades selected for this match type with no repeating parts. Each blader will be given time to inspect one another's beys and the first bey is chosen in secret. These beys will battle until a point is scored on one side. This match type will ignore the two match limit for draws. Once a point is scored the loser will not be allowed to use the losing combo and will have to counterpick their opponent's combo. There is no predetermined order for the beys used. This will continue on until either one of the two occurs,

1. If the 15 battle limit is reached the match will end and the blader with more points will be the victor, if there is a draw between points it will be the next one to score a point.
2. If one blader has all 3 beyblades eliminated, the opponent will be the victor.
3. If one blader scores 3 points in First stage, or 5 points in Final Stage.

Now my own take on this..

I believe this would work as a First Stage format better than a final stage format as it would be impossible to get 5 points in both Metal Fight and Burst Formats. Switching up the number may allow this to adapt to said things. See if Organized Play will approve of this if you ever get around to hosting and test how everyone feels about this.
Great idea, but I think the “no 2 draw limit rule” really means it’s gonna be hard to get many points at all. Maybe in final stage you get to 3 points? Nice idea and of course Leftburst came up with it originally but I think maybe a bit of tinkering could help it out.