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Full Version: Driger V2 for a Limited Time Only
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Hello everyone, I thought I'd test the waters for alternative formats in the Greater Vancouver area. This will be my first time hosting a tournament, so please bear with me.

The venue will be inside Lougheed Mall in Burnaby. The tournament will be Burst Limited Format and Pick 3, Choose 1 in the first stage. The event is tentatively capped at 12 players, and will thus be Group Round Robin. Depending on how many people actually show up, we will alternatively be doing Round Robin or unranked Club Format. There is no entry fee. For free-play purposes, there will be at least two additional BeyStadiums.

On the day of the tournament, the check-in period will be between 12:30PM to 1:00PM. During this time, please come find me at the back of the venue room, so you can check-in. I will have a laptop computer and be acting as Challonge Master. You will not be able to enter the tournament after we start at 1:00PM.

MUST READ: COVID-19 Recommendations in Effect
Due to COVID-19, all tournament participants and attendees are recommended to abide by the recommendations outlined and linked in full detail below.

1. Feeling unwell? Stay at home.
2. Wear a Mask or Face Covering.
3. Thumbs Up Instead of Handshakes
4. Do Not Play with Others Equipment
5. During Beyblade Inspection, Disassemble Beyblades for Judges
6. Maintain Physical Distancing (2 meters apart)
7. After each Match Judges Should Disinfect Stadium
8. Only Bladers Registered Before the Tournament Day may Participate.

Please see additional event information and any local requirements below. 

The health and safety of each participant in this event will be our top priority. We expect all participants to abide by any requirements outlined on the page linked below.

This event is being hosted in accordance with the WBO's COVID-19 event recommendations outlined above, as well as:

Check-in, Registration & Participant Limit (12) Details

Tournament Check-in Details
  • Check-in begins at 12:30PM.
  • Check-in ends at 1:00PM. We will begin the tournament shortly thereafter. 
  • See more details under the "Need-to-Know Information" section at the bottom.
Registration & Participant Limit Details
  • This tournament has a maximum participant limit of 12 players.
  • If you are certain you can make it, please hit the blue JOIN TOURNAMENT button at the top of this page to register confirm your spot! 
  • Once 12 players have registered, you will not be able to enter the tournament.
  • As such, only users registered on the list at the top of the event page can participate in the tournament. No exceptions.
  • If you are unable to make it to the event, DO NOT hit the "Join Tournament" button. If you need to withdraw, hit the UNJOIN/LEAVE TOURNAMENT button.
  • If something unexpected comes up last minute and you cannot come, please post in this thread. Any players who sign up on this thread and do not show up without any prior notice will receive a warning in accordance with our Community Rules.


We will be playing indoors. There will be seats and tables for resting. If you have any questions about the location, time, or date, please feel free to post about it below. 

Any updates to the venue location or rescheduling will be posted by me on the morning-of, at the latest. If you see nothing posted to the contrary, assume everything is continuing as outlined here.


Small prizes will be provided by me and given out to the top 4 players. The players may choose their prize in order of their final ranking. They are as follows:
  • Z Achilles (Holy Sword Ver.) (Layer)
  • Winning Valkyrie (Gold Ver.) (Layer)
  • Bloody Longinus (Crimson Dragon Ver.) (Layer)
  • 5 (Gold Ver.) (Disc)

Burst Limited Format Info

The First Stage of this tournament will be played using the Pick 3, Choose 1 (P3C1) Match Type. The Final Stage will be played using WBO Deck Format.

In P3C1, Bladers assemble 3 Beyblade combos to reveal to their opponent prior to the best-of-5 match, and then make their final selection from their three presented combos.

The rulebook for Burst Limited can be found here:

Banlist below for quick reference:
[Image: hKkYzCh.png]

Tournament Bracket on Challonge

[Image: bRO7nah.png]

As always, during the tournament while we cannot give you a set time for when your next match will take place, you are welcome to follow along with the tournament bracket on Challonge. Challonge is the management tool we use to run the event.

This event has been approved.
Congrats on your First Event, Kio. (Hopefully, Driger V2 is good during the tournament) I hope everything goes well and as planned. You have my support.
This tournament is gonna be awesome, great for a second tournament in the area
Thanks KIO!
My special combo is world evo helios 2d universe
(Aug. 14, 2022  3:40 AM)Blading kid Wrote: [ -> ]My special combo is world evo helios 2d universe

Are you joining our future tournaments? Looking forward to then!
This matches for event have now been processed.