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Full Version: TEAMPALOOZA: Ultimate Squad
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TEAMPALOOZA: Ultimate Squad
Hosted by CONCE7

Saturday, November 5, 2022 in Orlando, FL
Formats: Team Burst Standard (3on3) 

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The Teampalooza Series is our nationwide fall season tournament that allows bladers to build teams of 3 players to compete for monthly prizes, giveaways, and the chance of winning a FREE weekend for Teampalooza: Legends Festival on Dec 3-4th @ Orlando, FL. 
Series Dates: August 1st to November 6th (1 tournament a month)
Format: WBO Teams Format (Team of 3 Players)

Match Styles: Team 3on3 (Unique deck for each blader on the team; Team can repeat parts across the teammates)

Participant Cap: 30 Players / 10 Teams
Note: Any team can participate in this Series even if they are not planning or interested to attend the Legends Festival on December. This Series stands on its own and it is not connected to Legends Festival.

[Image: Premier-Fall-Schedule.jpg]


1. A ticket to Teampalooza is required to participate in this event. Get your tickets on

PLEASE NOTE: If you do not have a team yet, do not worry! You can attend the tournament as a single player and we will match you with a team the day of. This also applies if you already have a partner and you are missing one member for the team.

2. (Optional - one time only) We are running monthly giveaways and other activities for registered teams. In order for your team to be eligible to win any of the Teampalooza prizes listed below, each team of 3 must be registered at before August 30, 2022.
Registration per team is only $5 for the entire Series. Yes, it is a very small amount. We are just looking for the commitment to get teams onboard.
We encourage all players to create their teams and register them as soon as possible in order to start accumulating points from month #1 (August).
IMPORTANT: You do not need to register your team if you just want to play occasionally or participate once in the series. Registration is only for teams that want to stay together month after month and be eligible for Teampalooza Series prizes.

Additional benefits for registering your team for the TEAMPALOOZA Series:

1. 10% discount (+ ALWAYS FREE shipping) at for each team member during the 4 months’ timeframe. A personalized coupon code will be provided to each player after team registration. 

2. (4) Four chances to win a new TT release via the Monthly Trifecta Prize.

3. A chance to win a free weekend stay via the Premier Triple Crown Prize.

4. (4) Four chances to win a random giveaway via the PremierWay Giveaway Prize.


1. First and foremost, there is no restrictions on BRs. Feel free to build your dream team!

2. Make sure your team members can attend the Teampalooza tournament series in your local state from August to November.

3. Each team must have team members from their state or proximate state. We understand some areas does not have much action and they consolidate in a certain location such as MD. This is allowed. What’s not allowed is a player from FL and a player NY. We will evaluate this in a team-by-team basis if it needs to be addressed.
4. Each team has until August 30th to make changes to their team members (if needed). After August 30th, all registered teams are considered final, and any team member changes will automatically disqualify the team from earning upcoming prizes in their local area.

Important Footnote: Any players can form a team of 3 and participate at any tournament during the Teampalooza Series EVEN after August 30th.

It is the expectation that we will get new teams every month from players who just shows up to play that month and need a team to participate.
The deadline is only for teams who wants to be part of the Series, be eligible to receive prizes, and potentially participate in Teampalooza: Legends Festival in December.



1. Monthly Trifecta Prize: We are giving away the next upcoming TT release for each team member for the team with most points for the month.
2. Premier Triple Crown Prize: We are giving away a free weekend hotel stay for Teampalooza: Legends Festival for each team member for the team with the most accumulated points.
3. PremierWay Giveaway Prize: We will run a random giveaway every month for all registered teams. Prizes will be announced every month.

For full details and rules about Teampalooza Series and Legends Festivalplease visit this thread.


Bladers form teams of three (no more, no less), with each team designating a captain that is responsible for informing judges of the team’s decisions in secret.

Match Style: TEAM 3on3

If a team does not have exactly three players, they may not play in the event. If you run into this type of situation, try asking someone spectating (like a parent) to join the team so that they can meet the requirement of three team members and play.

The tournament system used depends on the number of participants:

4-6 Teams: Round Robin

7-12 Teams: Group Round Robin

12-14 Teams: Double Elimination

15+ Teams: Single Elimination

Before each match, the team has 2 minutes to determine the order in which they will play their sets, which is communicated to the judge by the team captain. Once both teams have done so, the judge announces the first set’s pairing and the match begins.

Sets are best-of-5 as usual, but individual match wins must be recorded. After all three sets are played, the team with the most cumulative battles won wins the match.

[Image: Screen-Shot-2022-07-01-at-5-59-30-PM.png]

In the event of a tie, each team will select one blader to represent it in a tiebreaker match, which is told to the judge by the team captain.

Team Type Final Stage

The final match of Team Type events must be played as a Team Battle, not Deck Match Type as would be the case for regular events.

For Round Robin events, the top two teams play each other in a final Team BeyBattle at the end of the round robin to determine the winning team. In Group Round Robin events, the top team from each group advances to a final Team Battle. There is no match for third place in Team Type.
This event has been approved.