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I was told I should make my idea into a story, so here we are.

Valt has always struggled to win Beybattles, but when a meteor gives him a major power up, he feels like he might have a fighting chance. But others have powered up too, like Valt’s childhood friend Shu, and there’s a secret to Valt’s powers that will change the way he sees Beyblading forever.

The overall plan for the story has been completed. The episode drafts will begin production now. As a prize I’ll add a few more episode ps form the second arc.
Episode 1: Valkyrie’s Awakening
(Apr. 26, 2022  11:01 PM)GHero Wrote: [ -> ]Episode 1: Valkyrie’s Awakening

I kinda like the text file end. As for the chapter, it was rather short in my opinion. The story also went short with barely anything happening, but your writing style isn't half bad. 
Also, it seems like it is, correct me if I'm wrong, a rewrite of S1 but with meteors and more going on.
Review Time:

I do like the overall formatting of the story, and loved the ending. I do wish the chapter was a bit longer, though, so that the characters could be fleshed out more. Regardless, it’s a pretty solid start.
6/10. Can’t wait to see more.
Sorry for the wait

Episode 2: Fierce Rivals Await
(Apr. 26, 2022  11:01 PM)GHero Wrote: [ -> ]Episode 1: Valkyrie’s Awakening

7/10 Writing isn’t bad, also it was short in my opinion, also you should have put spaces in between user one and 2 makes it easier to read anyway, good job on the plot
Sorry for the wait, this one’s kinda long. Should I make more long episodes?

New episode. The first arc is coming to a close.

The Crimson Warrior
(May. 20, 2022  8:15 PM)GHero Wrote: [ -> ]New episode. The first arc is coming to a close.

The Crimson Warrior

this is a new one! awesome episode dude! you clearly showed the mindset of both valt and shu through their actions and words, and I felt completely sympathized with Shu, kinda. great job on this and keep up the good work! i'll be following on this fanfic!
Sorry for the big delay. My allergies have been making me really sick the chapter drops tomorrow.