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Full Version: Introducing the Cincinnati Sky-Liners!
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  • The church may be providing the venue for this tournament, but any inquiries about this tournament should be sent to me (MagikHorse) via the World Beyblade DM system or mentioned in the chat below. Please do not contact the church directly, they can't give you any information that isn't already in this thread, nor can they expand the tournament if it fills up.
  • There is a 24 player cap for this event. I cannot expand this number any further under any circumstance, but even if you're not able to make it you will still be able to battle in the free-play area or fill in for no-shows.
  • This event uses the Burst Standard format, which allows all legitimate Beyblade Burst tops and launchers. For further information on the Burst Standard format, please check out the Burst Format Rulebook, or ask below if you have more questions.
  • Please ensure that all Beyblade Burst tops you plan to use are from a legitimate brand before arriving. Legitimate Burst brands include Takara Tomy, Hasbro, and Young Toys. For more information about fake Beyblades or to get help in identifying them, please check out this thread. Fake tops will not be permitted to battle.
  • Masks are strongly suggested, but not required for any vaccinated persons. If you have any symptoms of Covid, please do not show up. You will be turned away for the safety of the other participants.
  • Please follow the general tournament guidelines to help this run as smoothly as possible. Arrive 15-30 minutes early, contact me if you will be late, come to the stadium when called (and parents, if you have a younger child, please make sure they know when they should come up!), don't get in the way of the judges when they're doing their jobs, e.t.c.
There will be a free-play area for fun and practice, and prizes for the top positions. I hope everyone is ready for Cincinnati's first big tournament!

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This event has been approved.
LET'S GOOOOO, finally a tournament in Ohio
I might come, but my family is ALWAYS busy. Heres to hoping
(Jan. 31, 2022  11:23 PM)--- Wrote: [ -> ]LET'S GOOOOO, finally a tournament in Ohio

I tried a tournament back in April 2020 as well, but it fell through for the obvious reasons. This time, nothing's gonna get in my way.
Siked for this
Alright. just convinced my parents to go. As long as the weather allows it, I'll be there.
Can’t wait
Where are all the people at?
This is awesome it's in Ohio
I can't wait to see the ohio meta
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