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Full Version: Does anyone else play beyblade alone
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This kinda fits in Beyblade General. I thought it was suitable.
I haven't met anyone in my country that even remotely cares about beyblade. Anyone else?
Me too but because no one except for my friends know about Beyblade(and they live in other boroughs or are busy)
I blade alone as well. I mean besides extremely rarely with my brother as well as sometimes my cousins when they’re here, I blade by myself in my room. Though I do enjoy talking to my friend USN when we can call eachother.
I do since I have no siblings
(Jan. 02, 2022  11:49 PM)hello-tomodachi Wrote: [ -> ]This kinda fits in Beyblade General. I thought it was suitable.
I haven't met anyone in my country that even remotely cares about beyblade. Anyone else?

Same. My father or mother may play with me a bit once in a while. My sister hates beyblade (will play if my mom forces her to) but really, no one else
same. Brothers quit blading some time ago.....
Yes. I don't have any friends who has the same interest with Beyblade as me.
yea i play bc im an only child and both my parents are either to busy or don't want to get scrapped with rubber
(Jan. 02, 2022  11:49 PM)hello-tomodachi Wrote: [ -> ]This kinda fits in Beyblade General. I thought it was suitable.
I haven't met anyone in my country that even remotely cares about beyblade. Anyone else?

I'm pretty sure this would fit better in the Random Thoughts thread.
yes I do blade alone, only my mom will battle me, I win every time
Same.... And unlike most people my parts are so limited I make dumb combos vs rage and my DB Beys,
I do and i love it! i just run scenario's and kind of make my own series in my head that i watch play out when i battling
yeah. I just sorta battle alone, with my little brother battling with me for like a minute once in a blue moon, it's still fun though.
Because of the pandemic I blade alone, but I'm happy to say that I am getting my Beyblade club back together, so this summer I won't be. Although I'm sure I won't be able to get 15 members again, I do have 6 so far.
I do it all the time its fun for me! i even setup challenges and mock battles
I also do because of the lack of siblings and other enjoyers in prximity
I done that a lot of the time. Still do it today but now it's mostly for preparations for future tournaments.
I always do Unhappy
I kind of do, but my little brother battles with me. He loves Bey blading even more than I probably do, and even talks to his Beys. Sometimes it's like he is actually speaking to them, and they can talk to him. He even picked Rage Longinus as his first TT bey and didn't know a think about meta or anything about Beyblade Burst.

We also do made up tournaments, and the winner gets to be the House Champion for a day, then we do another tournament a week after.

Both of us are gonna be super happy if there will be real-life tournaments here in Nevada, then we can actually use both of our knowledge of the Beyblade meta.
I think a very large group of Beyblade fans play alone as they do not have any connections who are also into the hobby, which is sad. This is definitely a hobby a lot of people would enjoy, but don't give a try because of "Childish" connetations. I am a very persuasive individual and am lucky that I've gotten several people into the hobby, but that is not for everyone.

If you have a toystore where you are at, maybe hang out by the beyblades section every once in a while and see if you can find someone else who is buying that might be interested in becoming friends! Also don't forget to check the communities forum to see if there are bladers in your city that are looking for new members!

Down in Houston TX area I have started running a local meetup and tournament event to help get people who want to play together for some fun!
I think playing by myself would unfortunately describe most of my experience with Beyblades. The original Beyblade series was new and popular when I was in elementary school and thankfully at that age I had a lot of people to play Beyblade with.

In middle school and high school when MFB released I only ever got to play by myself, which is kind of sad now that I think about it in retrospect. Burst released after I had already finished high school and I got to attend one WBO event for that and I had a lot of fun. Unfortunately I never got to play Beyblade with anyone else after that.

Currently I live in Japan and I don't really play Beyblade anymore but I play beigoma which is the game that Beyblade stems from and I get to play that with other people but due to the pandemic I haven't had the opportunity to play in a few years now. Sometimes I dig them out of the closet and practice spinning on my own. I'm looking forward to going to events again after the pandemic is over.

Recently I introduced my son to Beyblade so I was able to enjoy it with him a little bit. Unfortunately he's too young to really play it yet, but he can kind of spin it and I have a lot of fun watching him progress with it.
Not counting playing with my kids? I definitely play alone. I'm in my thirties. In my area, I think there's literally only one other adult that shares this hobby and the only reason I know that is because I bought one from him over eBay and found out we live half an hour apart.
(Jan. 03, 2022  12:13 AM)Nitrogenic Wrote: [ -> ]I do since I have no siblings

Same I don't have siblings and play by myself
I'm force to play alone because there no where to play a game with other people in flint Michigan expect for a manga con but that one day out of the year if there a place near flint Michigan less than 2 hours away form here I would go in a heart beat to see other people