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Full Version: Performance Tip - Orbit Metal (Poliwag ver.)
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Orbit Metal (オービットメタル, Ōbitto Metaru) is a Performance Tip released by Takara Tomy as part of the Burst System as well as the Gatinko Layer System. It debuted in Japan with the release of the B-149 GT Triple Booster Set on August 10th, 2019.
Orbit Metal features a free rotating metal ball tip with a diameter equal to Massive, surrounded by a three tabbed ring. In theory, the wider tip would increase a Beyblade's Knock-Out Defense by having greater surface area and friction, however, in practice the free rotating nature of the ball reduces most of the Knock-Out Resistance given by the surface area of the ball. Like other ball based Defense Performance Tips, the tabs around Orbit Metal are meant to act as brakes against Knock-Outs at the cost of Stamina by striking against the stadium floor, however, the large diameter makes such contact rare. If hard launched, Orbit Metal creates an aggressive movement pattern early in the battle, bringing the Beyblade to the Tornado Ridge.

While these features may imply that Orbit Metal-based Combinations would be easy to Knock-Out, in reality the heavy weight of Dynamite Battle Layers and Discs compensate for the rotating ball. Furthermore, the free rotating tip increases the Burst Resistance of an Orbit-based Combination and Orbit Metal consistently has a stronger spring lock than Atomic which further improves Burst Resistance.

In addition to the Defense properties, Orbit metal also features high Stamina as the free rotating nature reduces friction with the stadium floor, the wide ball tip keeps a Combination stable and thus prevents scraping.

As the name suggests, the ball tip is made of metal, akin to MFB's MB. While its wide surface area and heavy weight would makes it a more versatile tip than the original, the metal surface provides the low friction needed for better stamina, but its lack of traction makes it very easy to knockout and destabilize. However, it can be used to replace Atomic for more dedicated defense combos.
==Use in stamina/defense combinations==
Orbit Metal can be used in the stamina combination Dread Spriggan/Longinus/Diabolos I Goku/Zan(Or Bushin Spriggan/Dragon I/Valkyrie/Diabolos I Goku/Zan) Around/Sting Orbit Metal. The round shape of Bushin/Dread increases its defense prowess while the heavy Around/Sting, Diabolos I/Goku/Zan bolsters its poor knockout resistance and boosts its late game stamina for better precessions.
While Orbit Metal has higher stamina, the lower traction makes it fare worse for defense and stationery attack, leaving it as a same spin stamina driver. However, the advent of Drift has made it obsolete for such a use.

As such, Orbit Metal is not a must have but is a welcome addition to any blader's collection.
Orbit metal wasn’t ever supposed to be used in opposite spin. It’s a same spin kind of driver, and one of the best at that. It’s kind of a more defensive option when atomic isn’t defensive enough, and I’ve seen or it metal used to success in tournaments not long ago. I’m not sure what it would be like using it at this point though.