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Full Version: Forge Disc -Drake (Takara Tomy)
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Drake (ドレイク, Doreiku) is a [color=var(--theme-link-color)]Forge Disc[/color] released by [color=var(--theme-link-color)]Takara Tomy[/color] as part of the [color=var(--theme-link-color)]Burst System[/color] as well as the [color=var(--theme-link-color)]Gatinko Layer System[/color]. It debuted in Japan with the release of the B-144 Booster [color=var(--theme-link-color)]Zwei Longinus Drake Spiral' Metsu[/color] on June 22nd, 2019.
Drake is a forge disc with plastic pieces attached, molded into 2 dragon heads, arranged in a manner similar to Zwei, but the blades are flatter. The design focuses a lot of the weight on the dragon heads.

In theory the dragon heads are meant for Attack purposes, but the rarity of disc to layer contact completely nullifies this purpose. However, the sheer weight of Drake can compensate, being the 3rd heaviest disc released in the Gatinko Layer System after Blitz and Sting, and is heavier than 00 and 0 without frames, which allows Drake to be used in place of Sting or Blitz. That said, the aggressive shape can nullify Life After Death potential, so it is not recommended against Opposite spin combinations.
==Use in Attack combinations ==
Drake can be used in the Attack combination Judgement Diabolos I/Dragon I/Dragon II/Valkyrie/Spriggan (or Zwei Diabolos I/Longinus/Spriggan)Xtreme/Xtreme'/Quick'/Quick/Jolt’ Zan/Goku. The powerful rubber blades on Judgement / Zwei's upper Attack Power is bolstered by Drake’s weight and the potential self burst risk is mitigated by the strong teeth of the Gatinko chips listed, in addition the weights can bolster knockout resistance and the high speed of the rubber drivers can allow combinations to close the gap with foes and quickly ko/burst foes.
While Blitz and Sting are heavier, Drake’s comparable weight allows it to function as a good substitute. However, the advent of the Super heavy Wheel, Giga and Over have made Drake outclassed.Therefore, Drake is for collection purposes only.
(Oct. 27, 2021  1:44 PM)p0l1w4g06 Wrote: [ -> ]In theory the dragon heads are meant for Attack purposes, but the rarity of disc to layer contact completely nullifies this purpose. 

well, the point of it is not disc to layer contact but instead two focus the weight on those two points. after unlocking once the dragon heads line up with zwei's dragon heads to focus weight on those two points and boost attack power.
No, it literally should not be used as an alternative. So many better options exist that it’s no good for competitive use anymore. It’s definitely completely outclassed.