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Full Version: is evolution dash better than spiral dash
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wich is better in you guys opinion evolution dash  or spiral dash
(Sep. 27, 2021  6:47 PM)Haydenjhart Wrote: [ -> ]wich is better in you guys opinion evolution dash  or spiral dash

Spiral is pretty bad afaik, and outclassed too.
Evolution for sure.
It depends on what you use it for

Deposit eboth drivers being dash, evolution dash it tighter

Spiral dash is more useful for going around the ridge and KOing same spin beys, or stalling and out spinning same spin beys. Spiral is basically zephyr’ but it’s better for right beys and worse for left beys. In the anime the sharp points make Luinor speed up, but in reality it would make counterclockwise beys scrape and would just smoothly glide across the stadium for clockwise beys

Evolution’ is used for rush launch, and anti attack. It also has just enough LAD to beat opposite spin xtreme, quick, hunter combos. It’s more for all out attack but has much less stamina then spiral and has risk of self KOing.

If you could share the combos you plan to use I could help you further