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Full Version: It is "Small" But "Metal"
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Host : Virtuous Circle

Participant Cap : 12

Prizes : Irresistable nostalgia

Event Schedule 
1:45 -1:50PM Registration
1:50 -1:55PM Bracket Set-up
1:55 -2:00PM Announcements
2:00PM Tournament Starts

*Tournament can last up to 2 hours
*Legal parts /launchers will not be lent out by event staff/organizer.

Please see additional event information and any local or federal requirements below in regards to COVID 19.

*Please be aware of the new community rules. Registering for the tournament and not showing up is a Tournament violation.
This event has been approved.
This one seems to be a bit far for me to join, Hopefully y'all have fun.
On my way
Will see you guys there
Is this only metal beyblades or can you use burst?
(Oct. 09, 2021  9:11 PM)SpiderKidJC Wrote: [ -> ]Is this only metal beyblades or can you use burst?

its metal format so only metal
This matches for event have now been processed.