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Full Version: Trsal's MFB and Burst Buying Thread
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Hi all, I frequent the Discord Server a lot more than the forums and have completed some transactions there with some members. I am in search of some Metal Fight and Burst items to fill out the holes in my collection. For MFB I prefer Takara but don't mind Hasbro (NO METAL FURY), for Burst I only want Takara please. I live in the USA (I don't mind international shipping if its a big lot) and I prefer to use Paypal. I have organized what I want via the spoiler tags below. Feel free to DM me or post in this thread to negotiate with me or ask any questions. Thank You!


Bump, removed some items from the list and added a few more
i have trident heavy claw dm and throw me an offer
I am selling Ace Dragon, Bigbang Genesis, & Revive Phoenix on my Mercari page (link in signature)