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Full Version: Road to State Clash: Domination
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Hosted by CONCE7

Saturday, September 25, 2021 in Orlando, FL
Burst Standard Format (TT & Hasbro)

The ROAD TO STATE CLASH SERIES brings you multiple opportunities to increase your BeyRank (BR) by September 30 in order to make Team Florida, composed of the top 12 bladers. Team FL is facing Team Carolinas on October 16th.

Please note that ANY ranked tournament in WBO also qualifies to earn points and increase your BR. 

This event is composed of TWO (2) tournaments running the same day. 

  • (Unranked) GENESIS: Numero Tres - Designed to provide first-time players and/or younger players with limited experience a chance to learn competitive blading in a friendly environment.  

         To learn more and join this tournament, please go to HERE

  • (Ranked) ROAD TO STATE CLASH: DOMINATION - Designed for highly competitive battles for all bladers that want to test their skills at the highest level. 
         You are in the right place for this tournament! Continue reading. 

[Image: Road-to-State-Clash-Route.png]


FLORIDA BEYBLADE PREMIER is the host and organizer of the biggest and most competitive Beyblade tournaments in Florida. Here is where the WBO highest ranked bladers bring their finest performances in a fun and competitive environment. 

If you have any questions about our event itself, please feel free to post them here!


Date:  September 23, 2021 @ 11:00AM (check-in from 10AM)
Location: Sheraton Orlando Lake Buena Vista Resort

Tournament Schedule: See Below

Beyblade Format: WBO Burst Standard (Hasbro & TT allowed) 

Tournament Stadiums:  5 Takara Tomy Burst BeyStadium B-33 

Age Bracket:  There are no age limitations in WBO Tournaments.

Free Play:  We will have a designated free play area for spectators, testing, and in-between battles.

Tournament Format: Swiss 32 Players
(5 Rounds + Finals)

Participant Cap

While everyone with a spectator ticket will be welcome to spectate and participate in free play, there will be a participant cap of 32 Players.

Player's fee: $12
Spectator's fee: $5

How to Register

To confirm your spot in the event:

  • First, purchase your tickets using this link: Road to State Clash SeriesPlease make sure to include your WBO username in the "cart" page before checkout.

[Image: Screen-Shot-2021-08-12-at-8-05-56-PM.png]

  • Then, after we confirm your purchase, our staff will add you to this tournament page.
  • We will send your e-tickets via email. Make sure to use a valid email when making your purchase. Check your SPAM folder as well. If you have not received your e-tickets in 24 hours, please reach out to or holla to here in WBO.

**You may request to cancel your ticket(s) for a full refund up to 10 days before the event. Cancellations before 9 days of event will receive full store credit in In the unfortunate event that Beyblade Premier or Marriott Hotels cancels any event, each player and spectator will receive a full refund in 24 hours or less of the announcement. When you register for this event, you agree to these terms.


[Image: button-get-your-tickets-1.png]

Important Note:
Make sure to buy the ticket for the correct tournament Genesis: Numero Tres (unranked) or Road to State Clash: Domination (Ranked). Every person aside from players entering the event needs a spectator ticket. These includes parents, family member, friends, etc. 


1st Place: Guilty Longinus
2nd Place: $20 Beyblade Premier Gift Card 
3rd Place: $10 Beyblade Premier Gift Card


Some of this information is covered below, but we will also be handing out the following need-to-know information sheet on the day of the event. It covers key topics related to the organization of this event to ensure everyone is on the same page.

You may read it then, or get a head start right now:

[Image: button-download-resources.png]


Please note that check-in will be available for limited time in the morning. We kindly ask everyone to be there early even if your tournament start at a later time. 

Saturday, September 25th:

  • 10:00AM - 11:00AM: Check-in Available 
  • 11:00AM - 11:15PM: Welcome Ceremony
  • 11:15PM - 01:30PM: (Unranked) Genesis: Numero Tres Swiss Rounds + Finals
  • 01:45PM - 04:00PM: (Ranked) Road to State Clash: Domination Swiss Rounds + Finals
  • 04:00PM - 04:15PM: Prizes and Closing Ceremony!


RULES & RESOURCES: Please follow all WBO Rules and please be respectful to the venue. 

Burst Format Rulebook

Event Photography Policy

Account Registration Guide

FL Covid Guidelines:
This event has been approved.
I’m excited, I’m buying tickets soon
joining tournament. two people one point below me. life or death situation
(Sep. 02, 2021  11:46 PM)AlexTheBlader Wrote: [ -> ]joining tournament. two people one point below me. life or death situation

Yo, I literally lost only 3 rank and Alex we all know you’re better. But watch out for stinky, I have bad rank but still I’m god at beyblade
Waaaaaa I must not be able to come because I have to go to a base ball game hopefully I can find somebody to take me
May be lucky enough to swing this one.
Yeah, I think I'll see y'all here
Good luck to all this weekend. I wish everyone luck and will see you all there
Who’s ready for an action packed tournament! Im bringing the sauce!
Good luck this weekend guys! I see the participants list, gonna be a tough tournament 👀💪🏼
all or nothing. life or death for me. i will not let anybody beat me this time.
Good luck everyone, I wish I could come
I’m bringing all I got today good luck everyone
guys go easy on me today! lol goodluck guys
alright everyone you need to be using belial + f giga bearing. my little brother won the unranked tournament with that one alone (he changed once but lost) and i made it to top 8 with that one having many ties with cscramon but eventually lost
This matches for event have now been processed.