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Limited Tiers Hasbro/TT - [[ NØBØDY ]] - Jan. 25, 2021

Hi, decided to make a list of Tiers for parts in Limited, feel Free to discuss and suggest adjustments to the list, I will do so accordingly if it's a good suggestion, I'm not familiar with Hasbro so I'm unsure where some Layers/Drivers should Lie.
Tier 1:
Hercules H4, Deep Chaos, Shining Amaterios, Hazard Kerbeus, Bloody Longinus, Fafnir F3, Arc Bahamut, Twin Nemesis
Absorb-S,Bearing, Xtreme',Dimension-S,Drift, Hunter', Atomic-S,Yard-S, Keep',Octa
Tier 1.5:
Geist Fafnir, Drain Fafnir, Nightmare Longinus, Myth Genesis II, Monster Orge O5?, Maximum Garuda
Eternal-S,Orbit Metal,Atomic, Destroy', Revolve, Evolution'(3rd Stage), Volcanic'(Non-Worn),Ultimate Reboot', Quick'
Tier 2:
Galaxy Zeus, Legend Spriggan, Blaze Ragnaruk, Guardian Kerbeus, 

RE: Limited Tiers Hasbro/TT - [[ NØBØDY ]] - Jan. 26, 2021

I updated some stuff, will probably add more later.