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[Sweden] Beyblade Burst tournament/event interest thread - hampe99 - Aug. 29, 2019

Hi I wonder if there is anybody on this site that can hold a Beyblade burst tournament in Sweden cuz I cannot go anywhere unless it's   close to Timra and Sundsvall

RE: Beyblade burst tournament Sweden - jejje33 - Jan. 05, 2020

Im thinking about starting to host in gothenburg (göteborg) if i cant find already hosted tournaments in sweden. too bad its so far away from sundsvall, if we get beyblade going in sweden more maybe we can organize tournaments around sweden, if i made some money on it i whouldnt mind traveling and hosting all around sweden.

Beyblade Sweden Startup Thread - jejje33 - Jan. 05, 2020

Im thinking about trying to start up Beyblade in Sweden and i would like some help not just to host tournaments but the ways to go about it.
Finding people who's interested could be the hardest part of it, after that it should be a breeze.
I am settled in Gothenburg, Sweden.
Not only am i interested in starting up Beyblade but i also have no idea about formats and stuff (will read up on it), but some quick advice to what official arenas and such are called and maybe some important info/link about "forbidden" parts etc.
If there is anyone interested in helping me bringing beyblade alive to sweden, please state ur interest, i would love the help!

RE: Beyblade Sweden Startup Thread - DeceasedCrab - Jan. 05, 2020

Hi! Welcome to the WBO! I'm moving this to the WBO Communities > Europe subforum, and will merge them together for you.

Becoming an organizer can take a while! Please consult as linked in the menus.