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New Jersey Tournament - Roh'bel - Nov. 18, 2019

Hey everyone! 

Just in time for the cold weather, I found a store that will host tournament in northern New Jersey! 

For those of you who are familiar with the hobby store “Final Turn Gaming” in Clifton, has changed management and is willing to host tournaments on Saturdays. Sundays are unavailable as the Yu-Gi-Oh! crowd takes over the store on Sunday. 

 I will have this prize support for the event(s), stadiums, etc., they have tables and chairs available. They will not have any Beyblade merchandise for sale. Their parking lot is available, but has limited space. There is plenty of street parking. 

I am not an organizer at the moment. I am still waiting for my results. They are not sanctioned events. We will play burst standard. More information will be available after the Thanksgiving holiday. 

Thanks for reading and spread the word!