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Beyblade Fantasy Draft - SupaDav03 - Nov. 05, 2019

I recently hosted a get together with some friends and we were looking for a change of pace when it came to battling our beys. As most know the meta dictates what parts and combos most people use and you end up battling the same ones over and over.

So we decided to hold a Beyblade fantasy draft. If you’ve ever done fantasy football, you’ll know exactly what I mean. Each person gets to pick a part. Once that part is chosen, it’s unavailable for the other players. The draft goes that way until everyone has a complete Bey. You can modify the draft depending on your group size by limiting certain parts to two instead of one, for example. 

It really challenged you to think about how parts work together and make adjustments on the fly as the draft goes on. 

Just wanted to share this idea with others here because we really had a blast holding our tournament this way.

RE: Beyblade Fantasy Draft - MagikHorse - Nov. 07, 2019

It's certainly a unique idea for small groups, though it becomes messy and less fair in larger numbers. Still thinking of trying out something like this during the next casual meetup for my area.