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Doggo's Landfill - Doggo_kurogami - Oct. 08, 2019

Since I'm here I decided I might dump some of my art here UwU. I might take requests at some point, and if and when I do, I will announce that I am but please don't request anything without further notice. Without further ado, here's some dumpster quality art of mine.

Furry Doodles:
[Image: 8NnOxAAr.jpg]

Monster AU Thing:
[Image: j0Owk5mr.jpg]
Quon: (ack sorry for the terrible camera quality)
[Image: rfjdauQ]
[Image: vX6Mjes]
[Image: PXHVzHb]
[Image: 64NI832]

So apparently something was wrong with the website and it decided not to show some of the images, which I apologize for, so here's an attempt to get them to actually show up:
[Image: KaOvcOVr.jpg]

[Image: O7TY5AEr.jpg]

[Image: OtEHvltr.jpg]

[Image: 80seMYKr.jpg]