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Beyblades for Sale Udate! - BlackAce369 - Sep. 25, 2019

Hello Beyblade Fans!

So far, two of my Beyblades have been sold. My Phantom Orion and Blitz Striker to be exact. However, these other Beys could be yours! If you're interested, feel free to check them out on my profile on eBay! Here's what I have left.

Flame Bull 100F

Storm Aquario 100F

Twisted Befall

Cosmic Leone

Blitz Lynx

Death Quetzalcoatl

Cyber Pegasus 105F (Legend)

Scythe Kronos

Meteo L-Drago

Spark FX B-159 L-Drago Guardian D125B
Selling in auction for 8.00

Jade Jupiter 130B


Dual Titan.

If you're interested, feel free to message me on here, or on eBay. And if you're interested in doing bundles, don't hesitate to ask and let's see if we can make a deal.

Looking forward to doing business with you guys. ^^