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Layer Base - Zwei (Z) - KingSpin - Jun. 30, 2019

To be drafted

RE: Layer Base - Zwei (Z) - Dasmind - Aug. 04, 2019

lt looks like lost longinus , but the metal dragon is on top of the spear like wings to increase attack power

RE: Layer Base - Zwei (Z) - eigerblade - Aug. 15, 2019

-Left spin attack type base
-2 dragon heads as the main design
-Metal dragon heads shaped in an upward slope for upper attack
-Base exposes the GT chip teeth fully, resulting in high burst resistance
-Heaviest layer base at the time of writing, at around 16 Grams
-Extremely high recoil against left spin opponents
-Decent recoil against opposite spin opponents
-Outclasses all left spin attack layer. Must have for competitive

RE: Layer Base - Zwei (Z) - CitrusNinja3 - Aug. 15, 2019

Due to the wide diameter and aggressive design of the Zwei Base, it's an optimal choice for Left-Spin Attack. Due to its angled contact points, it's easy for a shorter right-spin combo to destabilize it when the Zwei combo is spinning slower than the right-spin combo.