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Gatinko Chip - Longinus (L) - KingSpin - Jun. 30, 2019

To be drafted

RE: Gatinko Chip - Longinus (L) - eigerblade - Aug. 15, 2019

Can probably copy the article of Valkyrie chip

-2 Dragon head design
-Left spin version of Valkyrie, which has identical performance in right spin
-Features 2 very tall and thick teeth
-Very strong burst resistance (still affected by layer base choice), but there are still risk because Longinus only gives 2 clicks before burst
-Welcome addition, its a decent choice for a left spin GT chip. Fafnir gives 3 clicks with almost similar resistance. Diaboros also has 3 clicks like Fafnir, along with being heavier than any chip+weight combination so far

Personal opinion, I believe most if not all GT chips released so far are always a welcome addition or must have for competitive reason. They have different uses and synergizes with different drivers, so its important to have as many options as possible