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Beyblade Science!!! - Al Edison - Mar. 30, 2019

Hello everyone!! I would like to tell you what science brings beyblade more stronger!!! Post your Beyblade Science! (e.g.  Outer weight distribution brings higher centrifugal force).

RE: Beyblade Science!!! - lilphilyb - Mar. 30, 2019

When Your bey is spinning, it has Kinetic energy. When it is on the launcher, it has potential energy.

RE: Beyblade Science!!! - drewb518 - Mar. 30, 2019

when the Beyblade is spinning it has centripetal force meaning it spins in a circle
not centrifugal this is a fake force
thus the radius might not always be the center because of the difference in each rotation

RE: Beyblade Science!!! - Angry Face - Mar. 30, 2019

This where BeyWiki comes in. If you wanna share random bits of scientific knowledge related to Beyblade, use the Beyblade Random Thoughts topic instead. This doesn't require a topic all on its own.