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Beyblade Burst Bladebreakers 2.0 Headcanons - ultra destinus - Feb. 24, 2018

These are Headcanons focusing on the Characters from the Beyblade Burst show and My characters from my series Beyblade Burst Bladebreakers 2.0.

Part 1

1. Kody is very protective of his friends and family. He even got hit by Lui in the chest to protect Tora And Ayane, Which hurt him a lot.

2.  If you make Yami angry enough, She can crush a stainless steel spoon with one hand, Making her dangerous when mad.

3. Ayane Develops a minor crush on Valt When he helps her with Beyblade practice, But Valt doesn't about know this at all, despite the obvious hints from Rantaro. 

4. Daisuke hates games and movies with a Horror genre, not because He doesn't find most of them scary, But It scares his older sister a lot.

5. Tora Has gained a crush on Kody when Lui almost Harmed her on Purpose as a Warning not to Bother him again and Kody Blocked her from the punch.

6. Daisuke Has an uncanny ability to punch down a tree with one hit. He had it since he was 8 for some reason and did not think it was even the least bit normal.

7. Yami sees the twins as siblings of her own and The twins accepted her as a third sister as well. This causes a tendency for them to refer to each other as brother and sisters.

8. Tora hates dressing up in fancy clothes. She prefers casual clothes over a Dress, so Good luck getting a bow in her hair.

9. Kody Had a hard time talking to Shu Kurenai at first, so he decided to Avoid him or run the other way whenever he saw Shu approach him. This Annoyed Shu when he wanted to talk to Kody or ask him a question, so Shu decided To break the ice Between the Two. Kody and Shu were on friendly terms until Shu became Red eye.

10. Valt and His Siblings are great friends with the twins Since they first met at the Schoolyard when kody and Ayane were new students. Valt, Toko and Nika easily made friends with the Fraternal twins.

11. Kody Sings and dances a lot whenever he's happy and He owns a gaming, music and Beyblade Youtube Channel. His mother, Sakura Loves to Hear his recording Sessions on her phone on YouTube. 

12. Yami has a fear of being lonely because she was avoided at school before becoming a beyblader. She indicates loneliness by Standing around all alone, Motionless while Looking at the ground. If she doesn't respond to you, she's busy thinking.

13. Kody and Daisuke are always having fun and laughing. the two of them together are never seen frowning or fighting.

14. Tora likes how Kody is willing to protect His friends despite what would happen to Him but She wishes He would be careful When He does that because She doesn't want to lose Him.

15. Kody hates being compared to people who are better than him. He wants to prove That his style of beybattling is what matters to him and that he can succeed from that and that only.

16. Ayane does have fights with Kody sometimes, but they're mostly very small fights that get resolved quickly.

17. Tora has some strong opinions towards Lui because of what he did to her and her friends. She doesn't want revenge though, she just want to beat him fairly.

18. Kody has a high pitched sneeze which actually sounds quite cute coming from him. Once, He accidentally sneezed while recording a gaming video and it went viral.

19. Tora can actually run Faster than Wakiya despite being shorter than him. 

20. Ken has a good friendship with Yami When they first met at the park. He views Her as a Trustworthy friend and ally.

21. The New Bladebreakers Have a YouTube Channel that they all share. They post Beyblade videos and unboxing videos along with the occasional vlog.

22. Toko and Nika are Kody and Ayane's Biggest Fans. Mainly because Kody and Ayane are twins Just like them And they all love Beyblade.

23. When Valt, Kody and Ayane Went to spain to Join BC Sol, Trad Vasquez Didn't see much out of Kody And Ayane. But Kristina Kuroda thought they were eligible bladers.

24. Yami, Despite Being known as the Blader of fear, cannot watch a scary movie without screaming loudly and her scream is hair-raising.

25. Daisuke is more gentle than a brute. He is very careful when handling younger or smaller kids, but this personality is replaced by a determined beyblader whenever he battles.

26. Kody isn't too fond of Justin Bieber's music because it sounds weird and the beat doesn't fit with him.

27. Ayane and Wakiya have a Rivalry with each other. Whenever Wakiya complains about how another blader battles, Ayane tries to make him stop to no avail.

28. Tora Joined Top Wand with Cuza Ackerman Until She left the team respectively to join BC Sol before Cuza did.

29. Yami Joined The French Team AC Gallus with Daigo to Battle against the Twins. She later Went to BC Sol To team up with them later on.

30. Oddly enough, Daisuke is Taller than his older sister, Even though He's the younger one.

31. Kody draws pictures of vehicles for a pastime. He normally Draws exotic cars and bullet trains. He really likes fast things Which reflects on his choice of his attack type beyblade, Karven.

32. Ayane loves all the seasons of the year, Which explains a little bit of her bubbly personality.

33. Daisuke Joined BC Sol purely for the purpose of intense Training. He was never expecting to see all of his old teammates on the same team once again.

34. Tora was born by the seaside before she moved to the sub-urban town and LOVES swimming in any large body of water.

35. Yami And Kody Love Dubstep, Trap, Electronic and Rock music. They even make their own songs on YouTube.

36. Daisuke is often called "Kid" By a lot of people and finds this very annoying. The only ones who don't do this are his friends, as Daisuke's height compared to the Bladebreakers, makes it unfitting for them to call him by that nickname.

37. Yami is often known for her scary appearance and frightening beyblade skills, but She actually likes cute things. She is also fond of animals and owns a cat named Dream.

38. Valt and Kody are very alike. they both use attack type beys, have siblings, love beyblade and are both the leaders of their teams(with Kody being the first to lead his team before Valt lead his).

39. Yami Has an older brother named Senshi Seishin who loves beyblade as well.

40. Kody and Ayane love their mother so much that when she was sick with the flu, they stayed with her the whole time until she felt better.

41. When Shu became Red Eye, He uses Kody's launch technique From when they first battled in the park in season one.

42. Kody and Ayane have some kind of ability to know exactly what the other is thinking without ever having to ask what they're thinking about. They have no idea how they got that skill in the first place.

43. When Yami runs, her feet sound the same as any running kid. But when she walks, no one can hear her coming. So when she looks for you, don't expect her to make any footsteps, because whether she is wearing shoes or not, she will not make a sound while walking.

44. Kody never knew Tora had a crush on him until a few days after Lui tried to hit her. He was too angry at Lui to notice.

45. Daisuke is taller than Xander Shakadera, but not as agile as him. He is just as strong as Xander as he can bring down down a tree with only one punch.

46. Ayane has a surprisingly high tolerance of Wakiya's trash talk. To her, talking about your skill means nothing if you can't back it up by actually doing it.

47. Daisuke sometimes dances at random times. it's oddly normal for him to do so.

48. Tora is sometimes shy and self-reserved when people she doesn't know come up to her.

49. Kody played a horror game when he lost a bet with his mom. It scared him so badly, he couldn't talk for a week because he was screaming so much during the gameplay.

50. Kody never spoke with Free too often. He only answered Free's questions in yes, no, or maybe. But later in the series, He begins to talk to him more.

That concludes part 1! Part two comes out soon!

RE: Beyblade Burst Bladebreakers 2.0 Headcanons - ultra destinus - Mar. 12, 2018

Welcome to part 2 of Beyblade Burst Bladebreakers 2.0 Headcanons!

51. Yami looks down on Lui due to his behavior towards the twins, who he seems to target the most.

52. When Daisuke learned that Shu was Red Eye, He felt like getting revenge for Shu betraying his friends and breaking everyone's beys.

53. Later in evolution, Kody's happy personality was depleting after he learned what Shu is doing to everybody. However, the team helped him keep his happiness before he became a cold and distant person. If Ayane hadn't noticed, Kody would never be the same again.

54. Ayane, Tora and Yami like watching the boys of the team practice. Mainly because Kody and Daisuke fight so hard, and because they just like to do so.

55. Kody's favorite games to play are Minecraft and the Beyblade Burst app. He's not too great at fighting games and he hates horror games as much as he hates nightmares (which is a lot).

56. Kody is able to make his voice sound like anyone he knows, and he has no clue how this is possible.

57. Tora worries for Kody's safety a lot, even though Kody insists he'll be fine. The other teammates think Tora's caring personality is very sweet and cute.

58. Kody runs like a ninja sometimes with his arms at the back, similar to Naruto. But this doesn't mean he can act like one. He'll only do this when he is training, rushing to get home or when something is wrong and he needs to get to the destination quickly.

59. Yami hates girly things. She's more of a tomboy and will never read a magazine about boy bands or makeovers. She'd much rather play beyblade and explore the world.

60. Daisuke despises hot peppers, but Kody apparently loves them. His teammates often wonder why he likes them.

61. Ayane is very observant, as shown when she noticed Kody's changes in evolution or when she saw Wakiya change his battle plan in order to beat her.

62. Yami is scared of being abandoned and alone, which is why her teamates keep her company whenever they can.

63. Kody takes martial arts lessons for self defense, and when he's angry, you will regret making him act that way.

64. Daisuke often sticks up for the younger kids whenever a bully comes around. This makes him an idol for many children when he passes by.

65. Ayane is very insightful, sometimes saying big words she doesn't use much, and many bladers become surprised by the knowledge she posesses.

66. Yami is camera shy. She is mildly ok with having a painted picture of her or being recorded, but the flash of a camera scared her when she was a baby, so she probably will not enjoy getting a travel passport.

67. Kody and Tora both love to dance. and apparently, Kody has been told he looks adorable when he dances on his own or with Tora.

68. Tora has never told her other friends about Kody and Ayane, Mainly because they think new bladers aren't meant to lead a team. Because of this, Tora stopped talking to the other girls she used to hang out with and played with Kody and Ayane instead. Now she always hides from them so they won't bully Kody for his skill as a blader.

69. Yami talks to the twins more than anyone else because they accept her for who she is and won't ever be scared of her tall size and her spooky appearance.

70. Daisuke is so tall, he actually never gets teased by the other kids except for the Bladebreakers because, they know he will get angry if they make fun of him.

71. the twins can run unbelievably fast, making them the fastest Bladebreakers in the team. this also makes them hard to stop when they're being chased.

72. Kody has a love for singing and he has gained recognition as the school's best singer, thanks to his voice which sounds soothing and calm for some types of music or, loud and sturdy for other types of music

73. Yami really likes hugs and she won't mind if you give her a surprise hug.

74. Gabe Brunai thinks Daisuke isn't as good a blader as his friends say he is. Daisuke, on the other hand, thinks Gabe is the one who isn't as good as he says he is.

75. Yami hates clowns and often calls them "Nightmare Overlords. whenever she sees the clown from the movie IT, she will instantly run into her room with her cat in her arms.

76. Stan Hamburg tends to follow Kody around whenever the latter is about to battle, making the former curious about his battle style. Kody knows about this, but never said anything about it because he doesn't want to make Stan feel bad about it.

77. Daisuke and Yami may be taller and stronger than the rest of the team, but they're more known for their skills in beyblade.

78. Yami looks less like a girl and more like a boy, often wearing a grey jacket, ripped jeans and dark colored sneakers. This is because she loathes being stereotyped as what she is supposed to be and wants to be what she desires. the only female features on her are her face, skin, hair and voice

79. Kody sometimes writes down any weird things he says. He and his teammates have no idea why he does this.

80. Wakiya calls Tora "Tiger girl" due to her tough beyblade, Terror tigres. He always gets a cold glare from her as soon as she hears him say it.
81. Daigo and Yami are similar and opposite to each other. Daigo and Yami are both known as the scary bladers of each team and use beyblades with avatars who have frightening demeanors. But Daigo tries to scare his opponents into messing up,causing them to lose to him, whereas Yami is gentle and wants a real battle with both bladers fighting their hardest.

82. When Kody or Ayane are truly angry, the pupils in their eyes become shaped like a wolf's pupils and it's quite frightening to look at.

83. Ayane used to be afraid of thunderstorms when she was 5 years old. it was thanks to Kody's passionate hugs which helped her calm down to this day.

84. Tora and Yami often encourage Kody to talk to Free more often. Kody tries, but Free normally never says anything interesting.

85. Daisuke and Yami have some feelings for each other, but neither one has told the other about it.

86. Kody and Ayane are very ticklish and their laughs are very cute. Whenever people hear them laugh, they can't help but smile at them.

87. The twins' favorite quote in japan is "Ōkami wa tsuneni chīmu to shite ikite kari o suru" meaning "The wolves always live and hunt as a team". it explains why they are so comfortable with each other.

88. Yami and Daisuke have a very high sense of humor, often making jokes about certain things and earning laughs from other kids.

89. Kody asked Xander why he was so mad at Valt during the carnival parade. As soon as Kody heard him say Valt let him down, both of the twins tried to make Xander realize that Valt wasn't prepared to fight Ren wu at the time and it was partly his fault for expecting too much out of Valt. Later, after the Brazilian matches, Xander apologized for getting mad when Valt really was trying his best to win.

More headcanons will be posted.

RE: Beyblade Burst Bladebreakers 2.0 Headcanons - ultra destinus - Mar. 12, 2018

there will be more Headcanons when Chouzetsu comes out. i'm just working on the evolution parts right now