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Old beyblade game question - jjooee32 - Jan. 02, 2018

So i was going through my old stuff and I found this beyblade launcher that you could plug into your TV, the 5-1 v force arcade challenge. It still works after so long, i googled some codes to unlock the characters but i couldnt figure out the last blader. I remember i wanted to find out before but i could never findĀ an answer. Do any of you guys know the last beyblader you unlock in this game?

RE: Old beyblade game question - Sarveshj - Jan. 05, 2018

I don't have this game sorry but i say you once play beyblade vforce super tournament battle which works on gamecube .if you don't have the console use dolphin emulator and if you are not benefited please sorrrry!