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[Plastic ] Bey wiki ? - CrAzyMEtALMoNkE - Dec. 02, 2017

Hey ! I havent been on here for a couple years , but recently I've been back into it but I remember years back I used to search and find everything about plastic gen beyblades on some sort of wiki site/resource. Nowadays I can only find info on but I remember a couple years ago I used a different website .. Beywiki is the name that comes to mind but that may be wrong even lol I cant remember at all but I used to find it on google easily.

anyways , sorry about all this, but im just wondering wheres the best place to look up all the different plastic gen beyblades parts and products and stuff , isnt there a nice list of all this somewhere convenient ? I remember finding it before but not anymore ! any help would be awesome lol ! Thanks

RE: [Plastic ] Bey wiki ? - Mage - Dec. 02, 2017

Here's a list of all the products, not all have descriptions though

Also, has info on mostly all plastic gen parts, just search a part via the magnifying glass near the top of the page
I think it used to be the Beywiki? Or its called the Beywiki? I'm not all too sure since I haven't been around as long as you have XD

RE: [Plastic ] Bey wiki ? - Suzaku-X - Dec. 02, 2017

Beywiki was ported to Beyblade Wikia.