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Performance Tip/Driver - Ultimate Reboot - MonoDragon - Nov. 10, 2017

Quote:Ultimate Reboot is a Performance Tip released as part of the Burst System. It debuted with the CoroCoro Magazine Exclusive

Ultimate Reboot, like its predecessor Reboot, features an automatic tip change gimmick, akin to Final Drive from Metal Fight Beyblade, with a round tip like a downsized Accel and a rubber tip like a mix between Zephyr and Xtreme.

Early in battle, the centrifugal force of the Beyblade's spin will force two spring loaded tabs outward which will in turn force the round tip out. As the tip's diameter is smaller than Blow's, the resulting movement pattern is only mildly aggressive, having trouble reaching the Tornado Ridge. While a small diameter would imply ease of control, the height of the tip means that Ultimate Reboot becomes easily destabilized like Blow in this state.

Later in battle, the drop in centripetal force will allow the tabs to retract along with the round tip, creating contact with the wider rubber tip. In theory this tip change is meant to create a last minute burst of attack power, but in practice the low spin velocity will make poor hits and the contact with the rubber will reduce stamina when it is most important. While Ultimate Reboot does retract sooner to have greater spin velocity, Xtreme has greater speed within the same time frame with similar stamina to Ultimate Reboot and creates stronger attacks earlier in battle.

While Ultimate Reboot is a genuine improvement for Attack over its predecessor, it still suffers from slow speeds early in battle and is outclassed by Xtreme overall. With the use of Rubber, Ultimate Reboot does not have the niche stalling potential Reboot has either. As such, Ultimate Reboot is recommended for collection purposes only.

==Product List==
==Takara Tomy==
  • CoroCoro Magazine Exclusive (translucent blue)
What's there to say? It's Reboot that retracts quicker and with Rubber

RE: Performance Tip/Driver - Ultimate Reboot - Mage - Nov. 10, 2017

Is the official name for the Driver God?
So if someone were to use it in a combo would it be like gV.6S.Gd?

RE: Performance Tip/Driver - Ultimate Reboot - Dragunix - Dec. 05, 2017

what about tN 3H. Ul?

idk if confirmed that way, I'll delete if needed.

RE: Performance Tip/Driver - Ultimate Reboot - SUGOI-KONICHEWA - Dec. 05, 2017

(Dec. 05, 2017  1:09 AM)Dragunix Wrote: what about tN 3H. Ul?

idk if confirmed that way, I'll delete if needed.

It is confirmed

RE: Performance Tip/Driver - Ultimate Reboot - mekboy317 - Dec. 05, 2017

My only question is do you know the stats of the ultimate reboot driver because im not finding them