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Forge Disk - 2 - MonoDragon - Oct. 07, 2017

Quote:2 is a Forge Disk released as part of the Burst System. It debuted with the release of the B-74 Starter Kreis Satan 2Glaive Loop on March 18th, 2017.

2, like other even numbered Core Disks, is symmetrical and elliptical in shape in order to facilitate a Frame. Each side features one protrusion with "2" shaped molding on either side of the protrusion. 2 has a standard weight distribution and an average weight among Core Disks, these features allow it to act as a "Jack of All Trades", capable of performing well in any type of Combination. While Disks such as 4 and 7 can work better for Stamina/Defense and Attack/Defense respectively, 2 works as an excellent alternative if those Disks are unavailable.

2's status as a "Jack of All Trades" makes the Disk highly versatile and useful in any kind of combo. It has enough weight to add momentum to Attack Combinations and Knock-Out resistance to Defense Combinations. Its weight distribution provides acceptable stamina for Stamina Combinations while also granting acceptable Burst resistance. As such, 2 is a welcome addition to any blader's collection.

==Product List==
==Takara Tomy==
  • B-74 Kreis Satan 2Glaive Loop
  • Kreis Satan 2Glaive Loop (Premiere Set)
  • B-80 04 Exceed Evil-eye 2Glaive Weight (Random Booster Vol. 6)
  • B-80 06 Inferno Ifrit 2Vortex Hold (Random Booster Vol. 6)
  • B-82 Killer Deathscyther 2Vortex Hunter
  • B-87 God Valkyrie 2 Flugel (Random Booster Vol. 7)

I'm not putting a recommended combos section since 2 can be used in everything

RE: Forge Disk - 2 - DaJetsnake - Oct. 07, 2017

Minor change, it is Inferno Ifrit 2Vortex Hold

RE: Forge Disk - 2 - Rebel Blader - Oct. 07, 2017

i think recommended combos should still be added

RE: Forge Disk - 2 - Beatlynx27 - Oct. 19, 2017

I have two 2s. Oh the irony!