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Ifrit Pegasus 85WD - strato-abyss19 - May. 25, 2017

OK, so I took some of the people's advice from my last post and decided to give this Pegasus some weight. In case you hadn't noticed yet, my obsessions in Metal Fight/Shogun Steel lie with Pegasus. So, my latest creation is Ifrit Pegasus 85WD. Because of this bey's weight and behavior in the stadium, I have dubbed it a K.O. Defense custom despite the two Warrior Wheels being Attack oriented.

I did the testing of this bey in the Standard Burst Beystadium (would have done it in the Lion's Lair Stadium but it's facing some aging issues) with a Light Launcher 2. When solo spinning it, it got an average time of 2:56. Less than my old Burn Pegasus but impressive nonetheless. Upon battles with other random beys from the Zero-G system and even Hybrid Wheel and 4D systems, this bey possessed amazing defense and even some decent counterattack potential. And because of the Wide Defense tip, it always savors those last precious moments of spin with an incredible LAD factor. The only issue it seemed to have was against spin-stealing Synchromes, such as my Orochi Dragoon 90EWD. Other than that, this bey has surpassed my older Pegasus customs by a landslide. Parts used in this custom are these:

Face Bolt: Pegasus
Warrior Wheel (Top): Pegasus
Warrior Wheel (Bottom): Ifrit
Spin Track: 85
Performance Tip: Wide Defense

I plan on adding a Stone Face to it later, and maybe even acquiring a String Launcher for extra power. What do you guys out there think?

RE: Ifrit Pegasus 85WD - loyd87 - Jun. 01, 2017

Pegasus have better contact point in bottom position from my experience. Ifraid could be used in both position. but it still a stationnary attack type. in MFB you may have some problem with that kind of combination.

BTW if you used it in Zero-G stadium you will scrap the floor each time and never win with that.

RE: Ifrit Pegasus 85WD - dhanush.A - Jun. 24, 2019

super combo

RE: Ifrit Pegasus 85WD - NateTheGreat23 - Jun. 24, 2019

Is there a tournament in Georgia

RE: Ifrit Pegasus 85WD - Orpheus - Jan. 05, 2020

This combo might scrape alot from the recoil tho