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RE: Energy Layer - Driger Slash - Rebel Blader - May. 14, 2018

(May. 09, 2018  2:18 AM)@ya.dama Wrote:
(May. 08, 2018  3:59 PM)Rebel Blader Wrote: Are u sure about that becuz imo  deathscyther,odin, neptune,  wyvern had better stamina than driger s

this was before gods were released, and i remembered facing d1 polish orbit and i won by outspinning by alot (3-0) (both of us were using thr green speed launcher too). so far i won 3 g3 tournaments in singapore was too powerful so i gave my driger slash to my friend to avoid abusing the power i had haha

I think that happened mostly because d1 had polish.  Polish has bad stamina in same spin matchups. It is also possible that his d1 might be imbalanced. While i heard driger s being good for defense and ok for attack on xtreme i never heard it having better stamina than O, N and W.