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Hey guys. - Larvatar23 - Dec. 03, 2015

What's up WBO! My username is Larvatar23, a blader coming out of Waldorf, MD. I'm looking on ways to up my game, and I stumbled upon this forum. I've been playing since about 2010-2011 when Metal Fuzion first came out in the states so all of my beys are from Hasbro. I'm kinda hyped for Beyblade Burst and I can't wait to see what improvements they make. Well that's all from me. Peace out.

RE: Hey guys. - mudorios - Dec. 03, 2015

Welcome to the WBO! i hope you have a great time here.

RE: Hey guys. - Meta madness - Dec. 04, 2015

hey joining up in here is coo' ya know.

RE: Hey guys. - Leo Burst - Dec. 04, 2015

Welcome! If you're interested in buying some burst let me know!

RE: Hey guys. - the huge winner - Dec. 04, 2015

hi and welcome to the wbo and peace to you to

RE: Hey guys. - Mega L-Drago 24 - Dec. 05, 2015

Have fun and remember from space Earth lookes like a giant beystadium