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F:D Discussion - ShinobuXD - Jan. 19, 2013

So, a lot of you might have seen my post about F:D in the parts/combo requests thread. I said that in my past experience with it I found it to be really good. Well, since I have a lot more top tier parts now, I decided to test it. Unfortunately, it didn't do to great. So, in Zero-G, I guess F:D is decent because it can beat some tier two and three combos, but it isn't as good as I originally thought it was. Anyways, here are all my tests. MSF-H Gryph Balro E230(Lower Mode)GCF vs MF-H Diablo Kerbecs F:D
Balro:15 Wins(All 0GKO)
Diablo:5 Wins(3 OS,2 0GKO)

MF-F Phantom Gasher B:D vs MF-H Diablo Kerbecs F:D
Phantom:10 Wins(9 OS,1 0GKO)
Diablo:10 Wins(8 KO,1 0GKO,1 OS)

MF-F Phantom Gasher W145 WD vs MF-H Diablo Kerbecs F:D
Phantom:3 Wins(All OS)
Diablo:17 Wins(9 0GKO,7 KO,1 OS)

MSF-H Revizer Revizer E230 ES vs MF-H Diablo Kerbecs F:D
Revizer:15 Wins(All OS)
Diablo:5 Wins(All OS)

RE: F:D Discussion - BeybladePants11 - Jan. 19, 2013

It looks like FGrin has some potential in Zero-G.I will try to get some tests later.Nice tests too!

RE: F:D Discussion - One Direction - Jan. 20, 2013

Could you test L-Drago Destroy F:d against _______Dragooon BGrin?

RE: F:D Discussion - zeneo - Jan. 20, 2013

F: D seems to have a lot of potential in Zero-G,especially,it's gimmick,as it can attack all of a sudden.
can you test these
Dragooon/Revizer/Killerken Dragooon F: D
Phantom Cancer F: D
Duo Cancer F: D
Basalt Aquario F: D

RE: F:D Discussion - Yami - Jan. 20, 2013

I kinda advise that F:D can break easily in Zero G. Even tho it has a good gimmick

RE: F:D Discussion - BeybladePants11 - Jan. 26, 2013

I am actually quite impressed with how FGrin performs on a Zero-G stadium!

My tests:
3 Segment Grip
Beylauncher LR
Zero-G Stadium

NOTE: I used Synchrome because I thought it would make it a bit better. I also did 10-15 rounds.

Phoenic Ifraid FGrin vs MF-H Diablo Kerbecs E230CF

Phoenic Ifraid FGrin vs MF-H Death Aquario E230CS

Phoenic Ifraid FGrin vs MF-F Phantom Bull BGrin

Phoenic Ifraid FGrin vs MF-F Phantom Bull W145EWD

EDIT: My 400th post!

RE: F:D Discussion - Izhkoort - Jan. 26, 2013

Can someone test Saramanda Saramanda FGrin? (I think we have enough benchmark for this lol) I know it's not top tier, but well... I will have 4 Saramandas in 3 to 4 weeks (I have 3 and I will order the 2 Ultimate Synchrom sets the 2nd or 3th of February) I will use 2 to make Saramanda Saramanda SA165SB And 2 for this combo!

RE: F:D Discussion - Rush - Jan. 31, 2013

Finally a use for my FGrin!!!

So does it work best with Attack synchromes, or just Diablo?

RE: F:D Discussion - Super%Sayian - Mar. 23, 2013

can someone test with blitz? i think its a good combo

RE: F:D Discussion - LEGION86663 - Jul. 07, 2013

what about MSF-H Kraken (Hasbro) Dragooon FGrin I think thats a great combo both in bb10 and zero-g can someone test please

RE: F:D Discussion - ShinobuXD - Jul. 07, 2013

Why does the Kilkerken have to be Hasbro?

Do you have any reason to suggest this combo to be tested, other than baseless speculation?

RE: F:D Discussion - LEGION86663 - Jul. 07, 2013

was just a thought

and no reason

RE: F:D Discussion - 6 God - Jul. 07, 2013

I kinda like it, killerken dragooon vs. orojya genbull sr200 tb

kd wins (3 KO, 6 OS)
og wins(1 Self-KO)

3 ties redone

I know i was suppose to do 20 but its late.

At first, it destablizes, then butsts with attack, to ko it, or spin equalize the unbalanced opponent.

RE: F:D Discussion - Kai Hiwatari - Jul. 07, 2013

Why attempt 10(technically 13) test battles, knowing that 20 is required to be considered for reference? Seems like a waste of time, just thought I would point that out.

Anyway, kind of random as ShinobuXD said, but it could possibly show some promise if the proper tests are done that is.

RE: F:D Discussion - 6 God - Jul. 07, 2013

I can do 10 more tomorrow, but i was just throwing it out there.

RE: F:D Discussion - amidamaru - Jul. 07, 2013

my final drive broke when my diablo nemesis hit it and now it goes in and out of final drive

RE: F:D Discussion - LEGION86663 - Jul. 07, 2013

so what you are saying is......good combo?

could you see this combo being top tier? When i was playing with the combo i saw the same thing. A great LAD/spin stealer bey with defense/attack but against attacking beys it may be weak untill FGrin kicks in

RE: F:D Discussion - ShinobuXD - Jul. 07, 2013

I tested FGrin on Dragooon when I was making this thread. It really wasn't all that great.(which is why I posted tests on Diablo)

RE: F:D Discussion - LEGION86663 - Jul. 18, 2013

Well i have no problems with that combo other then going up against BGrin and I removed the MSF so the weight don't slow down the bey but I have no problems

But I think we all can say that f:d works better on a left spin

RE: F:D Discussion - ~Eclipse~ - Nov. 03, 2013

I find that f:d in the zero g stadium sucks. The prongs that come out of the f:d scrape the stadium which causes the bey to lose stamina. UnhappyUnhappyUnhappyUnhappyUnhappyUnhappyUnhappy

RE: F:D Discussion - AsianBlader555 - Nov. 26, 2013

I've used F:D in a zero g stadium it works well for me just maybe a Synchrome will over weight it and lose stamina so 4d systems would probably work ive used Big Bang and it gets many knock outs

Stadium:Moded (balanced) samurai cyclone stadium (metal bolts were to even out the pockets and the opposite side)