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Plastic combo - firekid115 - Aug. 18, 2009

i just wanted to know how well this beyblade will fare against other plastics. Hyugga neji made it for me in the "Build Me A Combo" thread.

AR: Triple Claw
WD: 10-Wide
SG: Neo-Right (Vortex Ape)
BB: SG Flat

RE: Plastic combo - Hyuuga Neji - Aug. 18, 2009

Out of everything you gave me, that would be your best Smash Attack combo; however, it can be improved by replacing 10-Wide with Wide Defense, getting HMC and using SG Metal Flat 2 or Storm Grip, or using Dragoon Grip Attacker's base if you have any of those parts.

RE: Plastic combo - Kai Hiwatari - Aug. 20, 2009

Yea, Hyuuga pretty much covered it in the other topic. Only other blade that would perform well was an Uncustomized Vortex Ape, but I would stick with this unless you are able to acquire other parts.