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Wolborg 2 Rewrite (Updated 10th February, 2012) - th!nk - Nov. 07, 2011

Main summary at the bottom, there's some discussion about why I did this in Errors on the wiki, but yeah, basically the article needed a lot of work, and I've done that work Tongue_out

Updated 10th February 2012

Any suggestions will be appreciated, though I'd rather things were run by me first, in case I did something for a reason (and so we all know what's actually been changed).

I done gone and re- Wrote:{{Beybox
| image = Wolborg2.jpg
| full item name = Wolborg 2
| item number = A-39
| beyblade system = [[5-Layer]]
| beyblade type = [[Defense]]/[[Survival]]
| starter or booster =


== Attack Ring (AR): Upper Wolf ==

* '''Weight:''' 6 grams

The AR of Wolborg 2 consists of three wolf heads, with sloped projections which are spaced similarly to those of Triple Wing ([[Trygle]]). Despite the name, the slopes of these projections are too short to exhibit effective [[Upper Attack]]. In terms of [[Smash Attack]], whilst the overall shape is similar to [[Trygle#Attack Ring (AR): Triple Wing|Triple Wing]], the contact points are slightly more outward-facing, which prevents them from landing solid hits, reducing the [[Smash Attack]] and creating a large amount of [[Recoil]]. As a result, it is outclassed by even Second-Tier [[Smash Attack]] AR's, such as [[Burning Kerberous|Burning Kerberous']] Triple Attacker, and the [[Dark Series|Dark Series']] Dark Wing. That said, it can still be used with some success in any standard [[Smash Attack]] Customization.

===Mold Difference===
[[Hasbro|Hasbro's]] release of Upper Wolf is reinforced, with additional plastic connect the wolf heads to the spikes, and the underside of the spikes to the centre of the AR. There is very little difference in terms of performance between the two molds, and as such this is negligible from a competitive standpoint.

== Weight Disk (WD): Eight Balance ==
See [[Balance Weight Disks|Eight Balance]].

== Spin Gear (SG): Right SG (Bearing Version 2) ==

* '''Weight:''' 5.5 grams

This SG is the successor to [[Wolborg|Wolborg's]] SG (Bearing Version). Both contain a bearing and a free spinning shaft; the main difference is the tip of the shaft. The shaft of Wolborg 2 has a rubber tip instead of the plastic tip used on [[Wolborg]]. This gives it greatly increased Defense compared to that of a plastic tip. Rubber tips are not commonly used for Defense in the plastic generation due to the dramatic decrease in Survival from the friction between the tip and the stadium surface, but this part is an exception due to the support of the bearing. Normally, the Blade Base would spin only as long as the rubber tip does, but in this case, the rubber tip keeps the shaft still while the bearing inside the Spin Gear allows the rest of the Beyblade to spin as it would normally.

A major downside to this tip is the increased overall height of the Beyblade. This makes the Beyblade more vulnerable to [[Upper Attack]] customizations compared to the shorter shaft of [[Wolborg]]. The use of this SG with Customize Grip Base ([[Dragoon V2]]) with an SP such as Defense Ring ([[Voltaic Ape]]), Cross Survivor ([[Dranzer V2]]), or Survivor Ring ([[Dark Series]]) goes a long way to help prevent KOs.

===Cross Compatibility===
The shaft of SG (Bearing Version 2) is able to fit into all Bearing-Supported casings, however, due to the relatively tall height of the tip, and friction issues in most casings, only two are competitively notable:

*'''Compatibility with Neo SG (Double Bearing Core) casings'''
Firstly, the shaft can be used with the casings of [[Burning Kerberous|Burning Kerberous']] Neo SG (Double Bearing Core). These Casings are slightly shorter than those of Wolborg 2, giving a slight increase in [[Defense]] against [[Upper Attack]], while the use of two sets of bearings increases the balance and Spin-Stealing ability of the resulting combination. One should check, however, that the tip does spin completely freely, as some slightly wider parts might not, resulting in a significant degradation of [[Survival]] ability.

*'''Compatibility with SG (Free Shaft Version) casings'''
Secondly, although it is usually used as a [[Defense]] part, the somewhat aggressive tendencies of the tip which result from its relatively shallow angles can be enhanced by customising to prevent the tip spinning freely, so the combination’s momentum keeps it moving around the stadium. The main casings used for this are those of [[Dranzer S|Dranzer S']] SG (Free Shaft Version), the low height of which, and some friction between the casings and base, are optimal for this use. Furthermore, their height means that when used in [[Burning Kerberous|Customize Bearing Base]], the tip is held firmly in place, allowing for consistent aggression with an appropriate launch.

The casings of SG (Bearing Version 2) can only fit one other shaft, that of [[Dranzer S]]'s SG (Free Shaft Version), which has no competitive use.

*'''Compatibility with the tip of Uriel 2'''
The casings do still have one very notable use, however: the tip of [[Uriel 2]], arguably the fastest [[Attack]] tip in the entire Plastic Generation, fits perfectly into the bottom of these casings. This allows the use of the tip without its usual base (SG Grip Change Base), which is extremely fragile, due to the phenomenon known as [ Gold Plastic Syndrome], which, combined with its rarity, had seen it fade from use.
By using these casings, the extremely fast tip may be used in far more reliable setups, allowing the creation of a number of extremely powerful [[Smash Attack]] customizations.

The tip can also be used in Defense mode, however this mode is basically a taller, more awkward version of the already unpopular Defense Grip Base ([[Seaborg]]), with the same stamina problems and greater susceptibility to [[Upper Attack]], and as such is largely negligible.

===Tip Wear===
Like any rubber tip, the tip of SG (Bearing Version 2) wears down with use, flattening the tip. A mint tip is harder and sharper, resulting in better survival and much less movement (which can be a problem for even mint tips). The increased movement from a worn tip largely negates any possible defensive gains from the slight increase in grip that also results. It does, however, open up the possibilities for attack usage.

Due to this, it is a good idea, if possible, to keep one tip in good condition for competitive use, and use another tip for general play.

=== Ruling Clarification ===
Although the rubber tip may come off, the shaft cannot be used without it.

=== Use in [[Defense|Defensive]] [[Zombie|Zombies]] ===
An example combo would be:

* '''AR:''' Twin Horn ([[Takara]]) ([[Gabriel]])
* '''WD:''' [[Wide Defense]]
* '''SG:''' [[Spin_Gear#V_and_V2_Series_Spin_Gears|Neo Left SG]] (Double Bearing Core) ([[Burning Kerberous]])
* '''SG Shaft:''' SG (Bearing Version 2) Shaft ([[Wolborg 2]]
* '''SP:''' Defense Ring ([[Voltaic Ape]])
* '''BB:''' Customize Grip Base ([[Dragoon V2]])

This combination is an excellent Grip-Based [[Defense]] customization, the rubber tip making it difficult to knock out, alongside having decent [[Survival]] due to its ability to steal spin. It can also be launched more aggressively to net KOs against [[Survival]] customizations which it would otherwise be outspun by.

The use of [[Burning Kerberous|Burning Kerberous']] Double Bearing Core casings, as mentioned above, allows for not only the use of two bearings, which increases [[Survival]] and Spin-Stealing ability, but also provides a lower overall height, increasing resistance to [[Upper Attack]]

While the tip can touch the sides of the base when wobbling or after a hard hit, this is easily regained by the superior Spin-Stealing ability provided by the Double Bearing Core. Furthermore, this also increases the [[Defense]] of the combination, as the whole combination is anchored in place by the Rubber Tip, instead of being propelled further by its own momentum.

Overall, this combination is highly versatile, especially in the hands of a skilled blader, and is a deadly opponent in almost any competitive situation.

=== Use in [[Attack]] Customization ===
By fixing the tip in place, it can be used for [[Attack]] Customizations. This is most effectively done with a worn tip, however with some practice, even relatively fresh tips can be consistently launched for highly aggressive movement (though this is generally not recommended).

An example of this setup would be:

* '''AR:''' Upper Claw ([[Driger V2]])
* '''WD:''' [[Heavy Weight Disks|Ten Heavy]]
* '''SG:''' [[Spin_Gear#A_to_F_Series_Spin_Gears|Right SG]] (Free Shaft Version) ([[Dranzer S]])
* '''SG Shaft:''' SG (Bearing Version 2 Shaft) ([[Wolborg 2]])
* '''SP:''' Upper Attack SP ([[Driger V2]])
* '''BB:''' Customize Bearing Base ([[Burning Kerberous]])

In this combination, [[Driger V2|Driger V2's]] AR and SP provide a long and low-reaching slope, which, combined with the relatively low height of the SG setup, allows this combination to reach under even the lowest opponents and execute powerful [[Upper Attack]]. [[Heavy Weight Disks|Ten Heavy]] is used to increase the combination's ability to maintain a high RPM. This setup is notable as it is less disadvantaged by the tip's less consistent aggression than [[Smash Attack]] combinations, as even whilst spinning in the centre of the arena, it is still able to execute Attacks efficiently.

===Use in [[Smash Attack]] Customization===
Using the Casings with [[Uriel 2]]’s tip, a number of excellent [[Smash Attack]] combinations can be made. One of the most powerful is as follows:

* '''AR:''' Triple Tiger ([[Driger G]])
* '''WD:''' [[Wide Survivor]]
* '''SG:''' [[Spin_Gear#A_to_F_Series_Spin_Gears|Right SG (Bearing Version 2)]] ([[Wolborg 2]])
* '''SG Tip:''' SG Grip Change Base Tip (Attack Mode) ([[Uriel 2]])
* '''SP:''' Survivor Ring ([[Dark Series]])
* '''BB:''' Customize Bearing Base ([[Burning Kerberous]])

In this combination, the SP and AR can be aligned to focus weight onto the contact points for more powerful hits. Triple Tiger offers good [[Upper Attack]] in addition to excellent [[Smash Attack]], and its lower-reaching design gives it a good range, which is helpful given that the combination is somewhat taller than other common [[Attack]] Bases. [[Wide Survivor]] is chosen as it allows this combination to move faster than [[Wide Defense]], further increasing its already phenomenal speed, though with more recoil-prone AR setups, Wide Defense may be necessary.
Whilst other bases (Defense Grip Base 2, Customize Grip Base, amongst others) may be used, Customize Bearing Base offers the use of SP and, unlike Customize Grip Base, does not have any scraping issues.

The result is an extremely fast, extremely powerful attack combination, which, given a good [[Sliding Shoot]], is capable of knocking out all but the most powerful defensive combinations with relatively little trouble.

== Blade Base (BB): Defense Grip Base 2 ==

* '''Weight:''' 5 grams

This Blade Base was primarily used for Second Generation [[Zombie|Zombies]], as it was almost perfectly round, and had a wider circumference than any BB capable of holding a free-spinning shaft at the time. It was later considered outclassed by Customize Grip Base and Customize Bearing Base, due to their ability to hold Support Parts.

However, Defense Grip Base 2 has one advantage when compared to the Customize Bases: The relatively shorter shaft section means that it can use a few tips in shorter casings with no risk of scraping issues. This allows for the use of [[Driger F|Driger F’s]] SG (Full Auto Clutch) shaft in [[Dranzer S|Dranzer S’s]] SG (Free Shaft Version) Casings, resulting in a very aggressive combination, at a decent height for [[Upper Attack]].

=== Use [[Upper Attack]]/[[Spin Stealing]] Customization ===
The good weight distribution and lack of scraping this base presents allows for its use in a rather unorthodox Upper Attack/Spin Stealing combo, which, despite being in the opposite spin direction to most opponents, still exhibits powerful [[Upper Attack]] against them (arguably more powerful than it does against same-spin opponents), focusing less on creating large amounts of lift and instead on using smaller amounts of lift more efficiently, to score easier Knock Outs.
It also boasts decent ability to steal spin due to a free-spinning shaft, relatively circular shape, and good weight distribution. This, along with the destabilising properties of its [[Upper Attack]], allows it to succeed where many other attack combinations would fail. As such, combined with a good launch, it is an incredibly dangerous and versatile combination.
The combination is as follows:

* '''AR:''' Triangle Wing ([[Dranzer GT]]) or Upper Dragoon ([[Master Dragoon]]/[[Kid Dragoon]])
* '''WD:''' [[Wide Defense]]
* '''SG:''' [[Spin_Gear#A_to_F_Series_Spin_Gears|Left SG (Free Shaft Version)]] ([[Dranzer S]])
* '''SG Shaft:''' Full Auto Clutch Shaft ([[Driger F]])
* '''BB:''' Defense Grip Base 2 ([[Wolborg 2]])

== Other Versions ==
* [[Wolborg 2]] - [[Hyperblades]] Version (Red/Purple)
* [[Wolborg 2]] - [[Random Booster 6]] Version (Gold)
* [[Wolborg 2]] - Ito Yokado Tournament Exclusive Recolour (Dark Blue)

== Gallery ==

Image:Wolborg2front.jpg|Wolborg 2 (front view)
Image:Wolborg2underside.jpg|Blade Base - Defense Grip Base 2
Image:Wolborg2parts.jpg|Wolborg 2 parts
Image:Wolborg2spingear.jpg|Right SG (Bearing Version 2)
Image:Wolborg2spingearopen.jpg|The inside of Right SG (Bearing Version 2)

== Overall ==
Wolborg 2 is an extremely useful beyblade, the SG, Shaft, and Base having use in a large number of very powerful combinations. Due to the great number of uses for its parts, combined with the fact its tip wears down with use, '''all serious Bladers should own multiples of this Beyblade.'''

[[CategoryTongue_outlastic Beyblade]]

Comments/Major Edits (Click to View)

RE: Wolborg 2 Rewrite Draft - Sasodo - Nov. 09, 2011

Doesn't the article for the Wide Defense weight disk say the Wide Defense weight disk is lightweight and NOT heavy?

RE: Wolborg 2 Rewrite Draft - th!nk - Nov. 10, 2011

Don't see the relevance to the article but it is of average weight.

RE: Wolborg 2 Rewrite Draft - Dan - Jan. 07, 2012

I don't think this thread got any justice, so I'll bump it. Perhaps Kei can look at it?
I liked the revamp, Th!nk.

RE: Wolborg 2 Rewrite Draft - th!nk - Jan. 07, 2012

Much appreciated Dan Smile

It would be really nice if someone could look this over. I'd really like to see this article updated, it's an extremely useful beyblade (not to mention easily amongst the better looking plastics), and really deserves the revamp.

I have a couple more updates I want to make to this draft when I have time (maybe when I'm on holiday next week), about using the shaft in double bearing core casings and stuff.

RE: Wolborg 2 Rewrite Draft - Imperial - Jan. 10, 2012

There are a few minor edits, most of which you can choose to include. Good article.

Quote:can help to prevent KO's

I would just take out the "to", sounds better.

Quote:it's SG and shaft

Should be "its"

Quote:much less movement (which can make the Beyblade easier to KO), which largely negates

Instead of the parentheses, I would just put a comma in front and make the next sentence start with "This".
Like this: "much less movement, which can make the beyblade easier to KO. This largely negates...."

You spell customization two different ways in the article, personally I would just choose a spelling.

RE: Wolborg 2 Rewrite Draft - th!nk - Jan. 10, 2012

I'll go through and fix those up when I re-write my re-write Tongue_out

Thanks for actually looking it over.

RE: Wolborg 2 Rewrite Draft - Benjohadi - Jan. 10, 2012

oh yeah..dont forgot the dark blue version of recolor Wolborg 2...special recolor starter set as i recalled...

RE: Wolborg 2 Rewrite Draft - th!nk - Jan. 10, 2012

I know of a few recolours, but I'm just taking it from the original article.

The Dark Blue release is an Ito Yokado Exclusive release, which only Dan and Galaxy, I think, have.

Ito Yokado is a Japanese toy store, they held tournaments, apparently, and for thosee tournaments, Takara gave them a few exclusive recolours. Just if anyone was wondering. Tongue_out

Also, as Wolborg 2's shaft fits into BK's casings (giving it two bearings), that's probably the best setup for it. But, that's kinda complex. I don't know whether to use that or the original casings in the example combo. I will probably go with the best setup possible, though.

And I appreciate the feedback, guys. I will try to update and complete this tonight.

RE: Wolborg 2 Rewrite Draft - Kai-V - Jan. 10, 2012

Ito Yokado still holds tournaments, and like all WBBA tournaments in Japan, they have special recolours that are either given as prizes, or actually randomly given.

RE: Wolborg 2 Rewrite Draft - th!nk - Jan. 10, 2012

Ahh, that explains the rarity a little more then.

I'm working on updating and rewriting this now. I'm not sure if it is worth including the Uriel 2 tip thing I found, though the preliminary ruling seems to be that it is legal. I will include it under "using other tips in the SG (Bearing Version 2)", but that can be excluded until a formal decision is made, I guess.

Oh, and MDBS's shaft doesn't fit in this SG, being very similar to wolborg 1's. Actually, wolborg 2's shaft is the only shaft that really fits in there at all. Uncertain

RE: Wolborg 2 Rewrite (Updated 10th January, 2012) - th!nk - Jan. 10, 2012

OP Updated, thoroughly re-written, should be complete. (Double post because I think this counts as noteworthy).

Yes, it's lengthy, but I wanted to be thorough, and I think I covered everything. Again, everything here is from my own rather extensive usage of the bey, alongside what I've read from others. Anything I removed, added, or changed was done so after trying them out first.

The Uriel 2 part can be left out until a formal decision is made. As gushy as that section might seem, it's all completely true, there are very, very few combinations that can stay in a Tornado Attack against it, and a lot of those are smashed around to the point they are outspun by a flat rubber tip. I feel kinda awkward including what is basically my best combination when I plan to host a plastics tournament within the coming months, but I think I've smeared it all over the plastic parts discussion thread enough times that most people, if they wished, would already be aware of that.

EDIT: Just did a couple of minor fixes of the formatting/markup. Should be basically ready to put up, but a little feedback wouldn't go unappreciated.

Any extra recolours can be added later, but alongside the gold RBV6 version, there appears to have been a metallic gold (think sonokong gold series kinda thing) version (tournament prize? IDK). That's the only other one I can find at the moment that isn't listed. Though, I'm surprised there was only one very limited, blue recolour, and that was a very dark blue. Uncertain

Edit 2: just fixed a small error with the name of Uriel 2's base. Should be good to go, though if someone wants to check my wiki markup/the formatting, I wouldn't mind.

RE: Wolborg 2 Rewrite (Updated 10th January, 2012) - Imperial - Jan. 10, 2012

Quote:unique interna shape
You forgot the "l" in internal.

Quote: so low-reaching AR’s, most
I believe it should be ARs, since you aren't showing ownership.

RE: Wolborg 2 Rewrite (Updated 10th January, 2012) - th!nk - Jan. 10, 2012

Ugh, yeah. I have a tendency to include those apostrophes without thinking (see: every time I say "combo's", though I guess because that's kinda a contraction it's not so far off). Thanks for catching those two (ever since I started learning guitar, which sped up my left hand, my typing has become somewhat worse), obviously my spell check missed them.

Fixed, and added in the gallery that was added since my first draft.

EDIT: Hm, must have forgotten to run a spell check on it, there were a few other errors too. All done. Also updated my notes slightly, though they're still not entirely up to date.

EDIT 2: I've removed the "Second Generation Zombies" section. Everything useful it explained is already mentioned in the SG's general section, and the blade base section, and I don't think, given the fact the article is already quite long, it is a worthwhile use of space. It will still be there in older copies of the article in case someone wants to write a history article for zombies/combos at some point, though it should be pretty easy to work out even without that reference.

Also, fixed the gold plastic syndrome link, some formatting, and some spelling inconsistencies. Should be able to just paste it on the wiki. It should be good to go now, I'm quite proud of the job I've done :3

Oh, and for the record, I've sent Kei a PM to beg him to check this, so yeah.

RE: Wolborg 2 Rewrite (Updated 10th January, 2012) - Kei - Jan. 14, 2012

This is just, wow. I only have a few comments:

(Nov. 07, 2011  2:35 PM)th!nk Wrote: == Attack Ring (AR): Upper Wolf ==

* '''Weight:''' 6 grams

The AR of Upper Wolf has three sloped spikes made for [[Upper Attack]] as its name suggests, however, the short length of these projections makes it largely useless for this purpose. It can be used with some success in [[Smash Attack]] customizations, but only if Triple Wing ([[Trygle]]), and the numerous other, better options are not available.

What are some of these better options? I'm not sure if they should be mentioned or not, but I'm curious as to what you would say they would be.

th!nk Wrote:=== Use [[Upper Attack]] Customization ===
This setup can be used in a number of combinations, arguably the most notable of which is a rather unorthodox Upper Attack/Spin Stealing combo, which, despite being in the opposite spin direction to most opponents, still exhibits powerful upper attack against them (arguably more powerful than it does against same-spin opponents), alongside decent ability to steal spin due to a free-spinning shaft, relatively circular shape, and good weight distribution. This, along with the destabilising properties of its upper attack, allows it to succeed where many other attack combinations would fall.
The combination is as follows:

* '''AR:''' Triangle Wing ([[Dranzer GT]]) or Upper Dragoon ([[Master Dragoon]]/[[Kid Dragoon]])
* '''WD:''' [[Wide Defense]]
* '''SG:''' [[Spin_Gear#A_to_F_Series_Spin_Gears|Right SG (Free Shaft Ver.)]] ([[Dranzer S]])
* '''SG Shaft:''' Full Auto Clutch Shaft ([[Driger F]])
* '''BB:''' Defense Grip Base 2 (Wolborg 2)

I don't think this is true. Are you sure it's not just Smash Attack? We all know true Upper Attack doesn't work unless both Beyblades spin the same direction. The ramps on Triangle Wing might have some sort of effect on the opponent, but it wouldn't be "Upper Attack".

Also, omit the section on the placement of Uriel 2's tip until we make an official announcement about it.

RE: Wolborg 2 Rewrite (Updated 10th January, 2012) - th!nk - Jan. 14, 2012

Cross griffon and triple tiger both outperform it in right spin smash (triple tiger also has upper, of coursr, but it is deceptively smash-focused), off the top of my head (there's probably one or two more). It's shaped similarly to triple wing but with slightly more outward-facing contact points which results in less smash and more recoil, I expected good things from it, but no. If we count left spin, eight spiker, g upper, and double wing. Probably a few more obscure ones as well.

I'm 100% sure it's upper. I'll try and dig up the video mc frown posted of it in plastics part discussion, but you really have to see it in action. Everyone asks the same questions until they use it, and I did too, but it lifts opponents out of the ring like storm grip wishes it could. Mc Frown prefers the upper of upper dragoon in left spin, I use triangle wing for a little extra smash, and to make collectors weep.

I'm still working out just how it does it, but it lifts things better in opposite spin. I suspect it's because of the free-spinning shaft or something, which might allow more contact time or get same-spin combo's to ride the slope better. I'm the first one to call "upwards smash" if I see it, but it really seems to be upper attack, and the combo exhibits more effective upper when facing opposite spin opponents.

RE: Wolborg 2 Rewrite (Updated 10th January, 2012) - th!nk - Jan. 16, 2012

Okay, I've removed the Uriel 2 part. Now, the other point of contention:

For the upper attack combo, I strongly suggest you try it yourself, as basically, no one believes it until they try it.

Nonetheless, here's the video, a link to discussion about it, and a huge essay that also might explain it. But trying it yourself is a lot easier and probably more convincing.


And here, I think, is where he first brings it up, followed by myself and a few others asking the exact same questions (as you can see, I was very, very doubtful until I actually used it myself).

Anyway, it is something of a misconception that Upper Attack is only effective in the same spin: it's only ever been stated that it is WEAKER in opposite spin because the two beys "mesh" or something, meaning you need a significantly higher spin rate for effective upper attack.

The following is pretty, uhh, I don't know, it might rumble the foundations a little or something I don't know, I spent like 3 hours on it so I'm mentally exhausted. That said, it should be correct, and it doesn't actually conflict with traditional thoughts on upper attack, it fills the gaps and explains things somewhat. I'm not so presumptuous as to attempt to redefine Upper Attack, I'm attempting to fill the gaps and holes in the current definition.

By the way, if you consider upper attack to be exclusively on the vertical plane (I.E. ONLY lifting, not propelling opponents out of the stadium), then the last paragraph in the spoiler has an explanation that is better tailored to you, that I suggest you read first as it will help ease you into it so I don't come across as a total lunatic. I personally consider knockouts a major part of Upper Attack, though, so keep that in mind.

Anyway, here is my longwinded explanation. It's actually pretty important in the grand scheme of beyblade so yeah (Click to View)

Hopefully, that actually made sense. Maybe I’m just completely insane, but I’ve managed to explain how this combination works as an upper attacker to myself, at least. I apologise for the length (but hey, I wrote three different versions and am only making you read the shortest, so don’t complain too much), but I think this is a very important enough topic, so I want to cover absolutely everything.

Really interested in a few peoples thoughts on that, though, especially yours, Kei.

Now, you'll have to excuse me, I am tired and have quite the headache.

RE: Wolborg 2 Rewrite (Updated 10th January, 2012) - th!nk - Jan. 18, 2012

Rewrote the AR section. The one that was there was just taken from the original, and after having written a few more articles, I decided it could be a lot more descriptive and helpful. Hopefully it explains it well enough Smile

Nervous for feedback on my last post here too by the way, curious to see if it actually makes sense or I am just utterly insane :3

By the way, sorry for the triple post. I figure it's worth bumping seeing as the new AR section needs a look over. Let me know if I'm wrong about that (preferably via PM) Tongue_out

RE: Wolborg 2 Rewrite (Updated 10th January, 2012) - Dan - Jan. 18, 2012

I guess that means "(Updated 17th January, 2012)" now, huh?

I read your 'little' brainstorm and it is something which would seem completely obvious to me: I've just never stopped to think about it. That is definitely something you do very well, haha.

Again, I like the article and it shouldn't be too hard to have replace the original Wolborg 2.

RE: Wolborg 2 Rewrite (Updated 18th January, 2012) - th!nk - Jan. 18, 2012

18th, seeing as I live in the future. Cool

And I'm certainly glad it made sense to someone. It seems to fit really nicely into the holes in the current explanations, and yeah. Glad someone enjoys my theoretical rambling Tongue_out

Yeah, I'd love to see it up. Alongside Dragoon GT and Draciel F, it forms the triumvirate of articles that needed the most work. Slightly less so than the other two, but yeah.

RE: Wolborg 2 Rewrite (Updated 18th January, 2012) - Dan - Jan. 18, 2012

You're Dr. (ginger) Who!!!111eleven

I'm glad you wrote that all, I truly despise the notion that "Upper Attack" cannot 'truly' occur unless the two beyblades are in the same spin-direction..

I can only assume it came from the fact that all (except Master Dragoon, though it would seem better in right spin because of its built-in BMX part on one side) Upper Attack ARs were only capable of good Upper exclusively in right spin.
Other than that (which makes the idea even more absurd), I don't see the reason why that kind of discrimination takes place.

'truly' would imply that in left-spin, even if there was an AR designed for left-spin Upper, it wouldn't be the pure definition that Beywiki upholds with "Upper Attack". Or at least it sounds that way when you give it to me in a sentence..

RE: Wolborg 2 Rewrite (Updated 18th January, 2012) - th!nk - Jan. 18, 2012

Yeah, Triangle Wing is the only AR that really has decent left-spin slopes, and then yeah, conventional upper attackers don't have the required force in left spin (partially storm grip's fault).

Think I covered why the discrimination takes place, I mean, it is more difficult to get good lift in opposite spin, but if you optimise so that you only need a little lift, suddenly, effective upper!

Also explains why it as isn't effective in same-spin, because there, rotational speed is far more useful, as you're not smashing into them with the ramps (I'm a bit tired at the moment so yeah, rereading my long theoretical piece would be a good idea if you're not sure what I mean), so you don't get the same level of power. Though it is still quite effective the way it is.

EDIT: Changed the SG (Bearing Ver. 2) Attack Combo and reworded it a bit. The combo I listed previously (Upper Tiger/10 Heavy/Upper Attack SP) is kinda meh, upper attack SP only make effective launching harder, and 10 Heavy only worsens the issues that result from the non-flat tip. I did want to promote the SP ability, but yeah, I'd rather promote the use of the tip setup as a whole.

Also made the section shorter by removing some repetitive bits and rewording, and improved the overall section's wording, as it had been bugging me.

I may rewrite the section on the "Smashing Upper" combo from the base section to explain how it functions, with a concise version of my longwinded explanation from the last page, if Kei approves of my explanation there.

Oh, Dranzer S's shaft fits in the casings but doesn't spin freely. It'd definitely be legal but I'm having trouble finding an appropriate place to mention it in the draft at the moment. When I finish writing up the article I'm doing that lists all base/shaft/casing/tip/sg compatibility, I'll try to write up a section that can link to that if/when it is approved.

RE: Wolborg 2 Rewrite (Updated 20th January, 2012) - th!nk - Jan. 20, 2012

Rewrote the "smashing upper" combo to explain a bit of how it works in passing. Added an SG Compatibility section with the SG/Casings, only mentioned the stuff that's useful as I will have a full Google Doc with all the info up eventually and a link to that can be thrown in to that at some point for those who want all the data.

RE: Wolborg 2 Rewrite (Updated 10th February, 2012) - th!nk - Feb. 10, 2012

Rightio, I've updated this in line with the new rule about Uriel 2's tip (YAY!), and made some tweaks here and there.

I'm not 100% happy with the compatibility section, it really is far too long, but most of the information seems necessary... I'll try and fix that up in a bit, but right now, I've got nuthin'.

Might mix the first part into the defense customization, using BK's casings instead of wolborg 2's, maybe shorten it or something. I dunno, I'm not feeling it at the moment, so I'll go take a break and try and clean it up some more later.

That said, some feedback on this post/explanation would be lovely, as it affects a few articles:

EDIT: Updated it, should be significantly better now. I will admit I am a little concerned about the length.

Oh, the AR tweak. I've been doing a lot of AR work lately, both Dark Wing and Triple Attacker did extraordinarily well with a good launch and intelligent customization (wide defense, grip tip, perhaps an MG Core). Yeah, they have high recoil, but they both hit hard (well, one of triple attackers wings hits hard, the other two hit nicely). Triple attacker is the exact same shape as triple wing, Dark Wing is just plain aggressive. The Sub-Ring doesn't cause it any trouble, it just has loads of recoil, which is the source of its poor stamina.

However, Upper Wolf's more outward facing contact points mean it can only land glancing blows, and as such is very ineffective and has high recoil.

Also, there are two molds. Hasbro's is reinforced with extra plastic, connecting the head to the spikes and the underside of the spikes to the centre part of the AR. That's the version shown in the current article.
The first version can be seen in this picture (albeit in a gold-plated version):

That said, the stock image of the hyperblade wolborg 2 shows the first mold. I'm assuming that's not how it was released, but some confirmation would be nice, it certainly seems it was manufacturer based, but yeah.
EDIT: Yeah, found an image of an actual one, 99% sure it's second mold.

EDIT: Minor tweak to the overall section. I *should* be done now, as should the rewrite.

RE: Wolborg 2 Rewrite (Updated 10th February, 2012) - Mc Frown - Feb. 14, 2012

I think that having the steeper shorter slope with Upper Dragoon in left is better than the long shallow one in right spin because the resulting collisions are quicker and more violent. I wish I had Triangle Wing to compare against.