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RE: Guardian Driger Draft - Kai-V - Feb. 11, 2012

Hm, are there other Beyblade parts that have transparent colours that Beholder could have said were more "fragile" ? Guardian Driger seems quite rare, so perhaps we are not focusing on the right source to find a confirmation or infirmation.

RE: Guardian Driger Draft - th!nk - Feb. 11, 2012

There were a couple:

Megaro Arm:

I'm afraid I own neither, however.

RE: Guardian Driger Draft - Kai-V - Jun. 26, 2012

Things to add/mention :
  • A very short summary of the Attack Ring's uses should be written, even if you redirect to the appropriate article with all the details.
  • "Defense" should definitely be in the Sub-Ring section somewhere ...
  • Does the Sub-Ring spin freely all the time ? If so, that should definitely be written at the very start of the section, not subtly mentioned at its end ...
  • How is its Survival performance, as an Attack Ring+Sub-Ring set-up ? Balance ?
  • Can the Attack Ring make contact at all with anything when paired with that huge Sub-Ring ? Talk about this, either in the Attack Ring-Sub Ring section, or in the Overall section.
  • OK, plastic and HMS articles redirect a lot to other articles' parts when they are the same, but this draft does not talk about the effectiveness of the other parts at all in the Overall section. Are they useful at all ?

| image =
| full item name = Guardian Driger
| item number = N/A ([[Takara]]), B-101 ([[Hasbro]])
| beyblade system = [[5-Layer]]/[[Magnecore]]
| beyblade type = [[Attack]]
| starter or booster =


This Beyblade was a limited release, sold through Coro-Coro Magazine in Japan. [[Hasbro]] later released [[Guardian Driger]] during their G-Revolution line, in a Copper color scheme, as B-101.

==Attack Ring (AR): Great Tiger==
* '''Weight:''' 6 Grams

The actual Attack Ring part of Great Tiger is identical to [[Galeon|Galeon's]] War Lion. However, it comes with a different Sub-Ring, identical to that used by [[Gaia Dragoon|Gaia Dragoon's]] Great Dragon and [[Gabriel|Gabriel's]] SG Wing Base.

The Attack Ring is only useful with War Lion's Sub-Ring, creating an AR setup identical to [[Galeon|Galeon's]]. For information on the abilities and uses of this Attack Ring, see [[Galeon#Attack_Ring_(AR):_War_Lion|War Lion]].

As mentioned above, Great Tiger's Sub-Ring is identical to that of [[Gaia Dragoon]] and [[Gabriel]]. This Sub-Ring consists of two extremely long aerofoil-shaped wings. The extreme size and poor shape mean it suffers from a huge weakness to [[Upper Attack]], and while it does offer some resistance to [[Smash Attack]], any hits from below result in severe scraping, and as such, it is generally not considered useful.

Like [[Galzzly|Galzzly's]] War Bear SAR, it can be fixed in place with certain setups, however, the blunt contact points in either spin direction mean it suffers extremely high [[Recoil]], so this is not particularly useful. Compounding these issues, it is also somewhat fragile, so using it in aggressive combinations where it cannot spin freely when hit is generally a bad idea.

As such, this Sub-Ring has no competitive use.

==Weight Disk (WD): Eight Heavy ==
See [[Heavy Weight Disks|Eight Heavy]]

==Spin Gear (SG): Neo Right SG (South MG Core)==
See [[Spin Gear#V and V2 Series Spin Gears | Neo Right SG]]

==Blade Base (BB): SG Flat ==
See [[SG Flat]]

== Other Versions ==

* [[Guardian Driger]] - [[Hasbro]] Release (Copper)
* [[Guardian Driger]] – Metallic Blue Ver. (Gameboy Advance Promo)


== Overall ==
Guardian Driger is an aesthetically pleasing and rare Beyblade. However, it is an amalgam of parts which at the time of its release were already quite old, and don't suit or complement each other at all. While the AR part of Great Tiger is competitive when used with the SAR of the Attack Ring it originates from, there is very little reason to buy this unless it is the only way for you to complete a full War Lion setup, and even then, there may be better choices. '''Overall, this Beyblade is only worth purchasing for collection purposes.'''

[[CategoryTongue_outlastic Beyblade]]

RE: Guardian Driger Draft - Ultra - Jun. 26, 2012

1) That's a reasonable comment.
2) How come? Not sure why it should be.
3) I don't think this needs to be mentioned since every Sub ring spins constantly while the bey is spinning then it reduces as the beyblade's spin does.
4) In every way possible in the set up it is in this bey it is horrible.
5) The parts are really quite horrible apart from part of the AR. But yes I can see looking over it that this was written for someone who at least knows some plastic knowledge about the parts which won't always be the case so it needs to be changed.

RE: Guardian Driger Draft - Kai-V - Jun. 26, 2012

It is clearly mentioned in the Sub-Ring section that it suffers to varying sorts of Attack, but you mention nothing about Defense ? Plus, even if I was getting the wrong idea completely, is it good in Defense or not ?

Every Sub Ring is free-spinning ? It should still be mentioned at the beginning : "Like every other Sub Ring, it is free-spinning."

I also had six points ...

RE: Guardian Driger Draft - Ultra - Jun. 26, 2012

Not it's horrible. If you had a pic on the page you'd understand why. Oh missed that one. Yes i'm pretty sure it can (haven't owned one for a while and its not the kind of bey you really battle with) but it's not going to do very well since it only does well with a good sub ring.

RE: Guardian Driger Draft - Kai-V - Jun. 26, 2012

OK, so clearly mention "Defense" and "Surival" ... It is really odd to ambiguously write about how it is bad against certain types of Attack, but not actually say "Defense".

RE: Guardian Driger Draft - Galaxy - Jun. 26, 2012

Kai-V, was your post directed to me or to someone else?
All my drafts are really old, and I completely forgot to read all the comments during the last months due to my exams !

RE: Guardian Driger Draft - Ultra - Jun. 26, 2012

The comments Kai-V made are from today. I told her to look at the article since I thought it was nearly done. Anyway if you could make those edits soon then it will be done Galaxy.

RE: Guardian Driger Draft - Kai-V - Jun. 27, 2012

Galaxy can do it or anybody else, really, hah. This is a wiki.

RE: Guardian Driger Draft - th!nk - Jun. 27, 2012

Yeah the sub ring is pretty useless for defense. While it absorbs smash attacks at the exact same height level decently, any hit on a different height level causes massive destabilisation.

I will make those edits once I'm done the Dranzer V Draft, hopefully today.

EDIT: I will have an updated version for you tomorrow. There are a couple of things I need to test. Not the parts of this beyblade individually, but a couple of parts that need to be mentioned in comparison.

I will be removing the SAR's defense stuff based on further testing. While hits on the exact same height may be absorbed (and even then the SAR doesn't offer much AR coverage), beys always hit at varying heights (sloped stadiums etc), and anything hitting from above or below, (seeing as it only spins on the horizontal plane), basically transforms it into a big "self-destruct lever" for the bey it's on. This also contributes greatly to the fragility.
Furthermore, if you want "big absorby SAR", Gaia Dragoon G's covers the whole AR and has decent defense and stamina, though that's one of the things I want to test before updating this.

I also have to prevent myself going into too much detail about war lion, and save it for when I get around to rewriting the galeon article, as well as work out how I'm going to explain the whole "self destruct lever" thing.

RE: Guardian Driger Draft - Galaxy - Jun. 29, 2012

I've seen somewhere on this forum that there's a third color for Guardian Driger.
I own the gold and the clear blue version, but I've seen also a dark blue version.
Anyone knows something about this release?

RE: Guardian Driger Draft - LeonTempest - Jun. 29, 2012

Could it have been the lighting in whatever photo you saw? Although now that you mention it...hmm, I am just not sure...

RE: Guardian Driger Draft - Ultra - Jun. 30, 2012

(Jun. 29, 2012  11:01 PM)Galaxy Wrote: I've seen somewhere on this forum that there's a third color for Guardian Driger.
I own the gold and the clear blue version, but I've seen also a dark blue version.
Anyone knows something about this release?

All the versions are listed. It's already in the other versions bit.

RE: Guardian Driger Draft - Galaxy - Jul. 01, 2012

Ah sorry, I didn't see that it's been written!
I was lokking at my draft where informations about that recolour weren't mentioned! :]

(Jun. 26, 2012  7:22 PM)Kai-V Wrote: Things to add/mention :
  • A very short summary of the Attack Ring's uses should be written, even if you redirect to the appropriate article with all the details.

Do you mean something like this? If yes, it's in my OP!

Quote:Use in Survival customization:
AR: Great Tiger (Guardian Driger)
S-AR: War Lion (Galeon Attacker)
WD: Wide Survivor
SG: Right SG (Bearing Version) (Wolborg)
BB: SG Bearing Base (Wolborg)

Use in Defense customization:
AR: Great Tiger (Guardian Driger)
S-AR: War Lion (Galeon Attacker)
WD: Wide Defense
SG: Neo-Right SG
SG Core: Heavy Metal Core (Metal Driger Takara Ver.)
BB: SG Metal Ball Base (Draciel S - 4 Metal Balls)

Use in Compact customization:
AR: Great Tiger (Guardian Driger)
S-AR: War Lion (Galeon Attacker)
WD: 10 Heavy
SG: Neo-Right SG
SG Core: Heavy Metal Core (Metal Driger Takara Ver.)
BB: SG Semi-Flat

(Jun. 26, 2012  7:22 PM)Kai-V Wrote:
  • "Defense" should definitely be in the Sub-Ring section somewhere ...
  • What do you mean? Do you want to add a Defensive customization in the S-AR section? If yes, well, I don't know. That wings are really bad if your opponent will play a combo at a different height from yours Confused

    RE: Guardian Driger Draft - Kai-V - Jul. 01, 2012

    No, not actual combinations, since I suppose those are actually in the War Lion section in the Galeon article. Just summarise what the Attack Ring is good at, and whether it is "just decent", "great", or "thoroughly bad" in this or that type of customization.

    No, I mean that the word "Defense" should at least be mentioned because that is what seems to be talked about in the draft, but it is not clear.

    RE: Guardian Driger Draft - Galaxy - Jul. 01, 2012

    Quote:Attack Ring (AR): Great Tiger
    Weight: 6 grams
    Great Tiger depics two symmetrical lions. This AR is the same of Galeon Attacker: War Lion. However, differently from War Lion, Great Tiger own wings as S-AR. Great Tiger is the prized part of this Beyblade. This AR has both great defense and survival qualities. Because of its small shape, it has a high spin velocity, which is perfect for defense types.
    Also,its survival property is very important. The AR is almost perfectly round, which gives it great survival because there are very few points of contact. However, because of its S-AR, the wings, that do a lot of friction on the stadium's pattern, this quality is underpowered. For this reason, it is recommend to change wings with War Lion's S-AR. In this way, when the AR is hit and the free-spinning S-AR receives the hit, the Beyblade will receive no or little damages. This AR suffers some breackage problems.
    Do you think that the highlighted paragraph is not enough to explain its properties? Do you think it is worth to add something more?

    Ah, OK Wink

    RE: Guardian Driger Draft - th!nk - Jul. 01, 2012

    Eurgh, I was saving my Galeon Article Rant for either a blog post or when I rewrote the damned thing. It's even worse without the SAR there to excuse the biggest error:

    It does explain the properties but it's full of errors, the most heinous one is the darned "Circle" carp that is smeared all over the wiki. Where the SAR is most likely to sit, under the wings of the AR (more friction, less contact to hit it out), the AR aligns really well with Flash of all things - so well I had to put them side by side so you could see both clearly! With an SAR, it just looks like Flash's Survival mode. War Lion itself is one of the more oval shaped AR's of the generation. Every 2D shape forms a circle when rotated 360 degrees anyway. Sure, it's edges are round, but Triple Wing's are too. Uncertain It's about the shape of the contact points and how easy they are to get to, and War Lion's contact points aren't that well shaped, and are easy to hit (because of how little area it covers and because they're quite high up, whereas tiger defenser is usually going to be protected by the WD just underneath it, War Lion is more likely to take hits).

    Next, SAR's are not good for survival, making spin stealing less efficient in opposite spin (less spin transfers to the bey, and once you've got a nice round beyblade, a free spinning SAR doesn't do much else) and sapping stamina because they're easier to stop and the rest of the bey must expend energy bringing them back up to speed when in same spin. This is why Takara Twin Horn has much, much better survival than Hasbro's, despite the very small difference in distribution. SAR's are a defensive thing, generally.

    War Lion isn't the best AR for it's own SAR for defensive zombies (i.e. in left spin), Hasbro Twin Horn has a much better shape, but because that SAR covers only a small area, some combos those of a similar height), can actually get their wings between the AR and WD, providing them with great leverage, which trades off some of the defensive ability, though only against combos that are able to hit at the right height. I've switched to Gaia Dragoon G's SAR as it doesn't trade off any significant survival ability and fully prevents this, while providing full coverage for the AR without giving the opponent leverage like the SAR of Guardian Driger does.

    It's not that War Lion has bad stamina or defense or anything, it's still a very good AR, it's just that Tiger Defenser has better stamina in both spin directions and has great defense in right spin even without an SAR, whilst both Twin Horns murder War Lion in left spin, as do a number of other things. Basically: War Lion isn't bad, there are way worse AR's and it's contact points are still further out of the way than most opponents because of its small size, but it's still kinda overrated and it's not a circle. Also, "Some breakage problems" doesn't cover how fragile the thing is, unless you're using a protective WD, and even then if it takes a bad hit (especially one where the attack gets between the AR and WD), it won't last long.

    Definitely not sticking the carp from Galeon's Article into this one while I'm here, is what I'm saying, I don't want to have to fix two articles whenever I get a chance to do so.

    Don't worry, I'll have this done really soon, some stuff has come up that is causing delays, and the Dranzer V article is proving much more difficult than I anticipated.

    No offense to anyone is meant by this post, by the way, just pointing out how "great" a job has been done protecting it from errors - gotta say, sometimes "oh but beywiki says this we need someone else to confirm that you're right" gets pretty insulting.

    Kai-V: read my post on the last page - as I said, the defense part is going to be removed.

    RE: Guardian Driger Draft - Kai-V - Jul. 02, 2012

    Yo, do whatever. I know nothing about plastics, I just want to try to get drafts complete.