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RE: Favourite online PC games - FeedFear - Aug. 06, 2014

(Aug. 06, 2014  3:26 PM)Dum Spiro Pugno Wrote: Well lets see...
I play...
Minecraft (I run my own servers Tongue_out)
LoL (League of Legends) occasionally
Sometimes I play AQW, DF, MQ, AQ, and HS, too.

I will wreck you in LoL. Just kidding, I'm pretty bad unless I'm trolling as teemo.

RE: Favourite online PC games - PhoenixStar - Nov. 28, 2014

Eh....there are a few on Facebook I play on a regular basis....Color Cross Online which is kind of colorful version of Picross...Angry Birds Friends which recently added a League Competition, Ninja Kingdom (working on upgrades currently, need to get back to aiming at reaching next rank)....other than that the MMORPG Mabinogi (when Nexon isn't having issues of it) The character I use most is Spoor (Tarlach server) [Image: snapshot-3.jpg] my original character was Willington (a duel wielder) [Image: snapshot-1.jpg]....and I can't remember the name of my Giant....[Image: snapshot.jpg], I will probably post her name later. I know a lot of people had abandoned the game for League of Legends which I watched a video of but wasn't really too impressed with graphics of....I mean, really I prefer details like this....[Image: mabinogi_2009_10_01_001.jpg] than some aerial view of what looks like a bunch of ants running around a digital map.