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Replacement tips - Infiltrator - Apr. 11, 2011

Hi all

I'm looking for a replacement tip for
Ray Unicorno and Dark Bull

Where or how can i get these?


RE: Replacement tips - Superstar♪ - Apr. 11, 2011

You can get it off Toywiz but I recommend not too since shipping price is a rip off.

RE: Replacement tips - Xiiaofreak - Apr. 11, 2011

I can get you a tip from dark bull. Pm me offers.

RE: Replacement tips - Nano - Apr. 11, 2011

I have an extra SD. PM me an offer about it Smile

RE: Replacement tips - akira2002 - Apr. 11, 2011

Why don't u check

RE: Replacement tips - Deikailo - Apr. 11, 2011

People buy Ray Unicorno specifically for CS so you're better off just looking for the entire bey or getting RBV6 for a shot at a cool recolour CS or Killer Beafowl.