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[Northeast, USA] TOURNAMENT FOOTAGE/PHOTOS - Deikailo - Apr. 04, 2011

Okay, I need to compile a video of all of the tournaments I've hosted. For those of you I've told about it, you know why. If I haven't told you already, it's really on a need to know basis. It's very important.

I created this thread before the footage is of our (by "our" I mean the WBO community) tournaments and relevant. I'm not referring to a specific location or event that I've been to so I can't just post/revive each thread.

If you've had a camera at any of my tournaments and have any media of it, please email it to me:

Donated footage:
Sky Prince
Shining Blaze

RE: [Northeast, USA] TOURNAMENT FOOTAGE/PHOTOS - Yami - Apr. 05, 2011

Ill Send it Tomorrow need to figure out how to send them in one batch Album

RE: [Northeast, USA] TOURNAMENT FOOTAGE/PHOTOS - Deikailo - Apr. 05, 2011

zip it up with winrar

RE: [Northeast, USA] TOURNAMENT FOOTAGE/PHOTOS - Rustled Jimmies - Apr. 18, 2011

Question, I have pictures of Kinonomi's Heaven-Shattering Tournament. Do you want any pictures from that as well, since this was in Central Park, NYC? Or do you want this thread strictly for your hosted tournaments?