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Beyblade Burst Competitive Tier List By Part (Blades) - Wizard.Spryzen - Mar. 02, 2024

Hey everyone!

I recently decided to take it upon myself to create a competitive tier list by part for BST. All of the data used for this table was taken from the winning combinations used in events I have hosted between July of last year to today.

These threads will serve to explain how and why each part is in the position that it is in on the tier list, and a brief rundown of the different combos and uses that each part has. My hope is that new players can utilize this thread to make informed decisions about combo choices before tournaments. 

Let's start with the blades:

[Image: IMG-1911.jpg]


World is widely considered to be the best equalizer in the game and has seen more use than any other bey in it's archetype in our tournaments. Due to it's light weight and near perfectly circular shape, using it with Drift or Metal Drift makes it near impossible to tip over, and due to it being from the SuperKing era, it stays in High Mode, which allows it to sit higher than most DB/BU beys and stay spinning just a small margin longer than it's opposite spin opponent. Usually used on Drift or Metal Drift with Wheel, Illegal, Over, or Blitz, and usually the 1S Chassis. Helios 2 with the Metal Chip Core is the preferred for left-spin, Hyperion 2 with the Metal Chip core for right-spin, and Spriggan or Diabolos as an alternate for either.

Where do we begin with Guilty? Guilty is the premier attack blade in burst, and for good reason. It has insane upper attack and the metal in the sides gives it some crazy outward weight distribution. It's pretty common to hear people say things like "You can use anything on Guilty and it will be good" and this is fairly close to being true. 
The most common combos for Guilty are the standard attack setup which usually uses Xtreme' or Quick' but can also make use of Jolt', Hunter', or any variation of those 4. Those combos generally use Spread' or Fortress, but also can make use of Over and Illegal in a pinch. They also will usually use Longinus as the core for weight maxing purposes, but Bahamut is also used for increased burst resistance when using a metal cap driver like Metal Xtreme.
The second most common variation for Guilty in our meta is what we call "LAD Guilty". There has been a huge increase in use of these combos over the last 6-8 months. They generally use a lighter core like Helios, Bahamut, or even Fafnir, Illegal as the disc, and Xplosion or Xceed'+Z as the driver. This combo is very difficult to pilot, and is primarily used against opposite-spin opponents. It is a strong attack type in the early part of the match, which is still relevant against same-spin, but against even the best opposite spin stamina opponents, it can equalize for a draw at the end, and somtimes even scrape out a win in the stamina matchup against combos like Devil/Dynamite-F on BDR or HXt+'.
The third most common variation of Guilty that we see is the stamina variant. Usually this uses any stamina driver it can find. Most commonly it is used on Zone'+Z or BDr, but we have seen it used on Mobius, Bearing Mobius, Bearing', and even Drift. It is used the same as any stamina type or equalizer, but it generally has a higher potential to knock out the opponent early, and also has a much higher risk of bursting due to the lack of burst resistance in most stamina drivers and the high recoil provided by the Guilty blade. This is a risky move, but Guilty is Guilty so it definitely can't be taken lightly.

Dynamite/Devil are hands-down the most used blades in BST. They require the use of the F-Gear to be competitive, but they are the best for Same-Spin and Opposite-Spin stamina. You usually will see these on Bearing Drift, HXt+', or Bearing' but there are many other variations of this combo. It will generally use circular discs such as Over, Illegal, or Spread' and the only sure ways to counter it are either to knock it out with an attack type, or to outspin it with another Dynamite/Devil Combo or an equalizer like World or Burst. All of these options are risky and difficult to pull off. You will often find players using high tier cores like Lucifer, Belial 3, or Perseus on these combos.


Xiphoid is a fantastic blade. It hits very very hard when it is fresh and can make use of just about any attack driver on the tier list, as well as even some of the stamina drivers. 
The most common variation of Xiphoid is the raw attack variant, which uses Xtreme' or Quick' usually but can also make use of Jolt' and Hunter' and any variation of them. It usually uses either Spread' or Xanthus for the disc, and Xcalibur or Belial 3/2 for the core. 
If you're using Xanthus, the point of the disc lines up with the point on the Xiphoid blade for harder slaps from the primary contact point. You can also utilize the gimmick on Xcalibur to get a similar effect.
The second most common variation is the "CritPhoid" variation (credit to th!nk). This variation specifically uses Xcalibur with Metal Xtreme as the first click when the driver turns gets skipped, creating an easier release of the Xcalibur gimmick early in the match. The primary issue with this variation is that it loses so much balance after the release of the sword that it tends to slow down quicker. Using Spread'>Xanthus can mitigate this a bit.
The final variation that we see often in our local meta is the Opposite-Spin variation. This uses the Mobius driver to make Xiphoid speed around the arena super fast in the beginning to try for an early knockout. In matchups against opposite-spin, this alows it to equalize with left-spin opponents. Due to the shape of the bottom of Xiphoid, it's height on Mobius, and it's  light weight, it actually does very well at this, particularly when worn. This combo can use Xcalibur or Perseus, but generally will find more use with a lighter core, as it helps it keep from tipping over in the equalizing matchup.

Ultimate, when worn, rivals Guilty in raw attack power. This blade is often used with the Over disc, but does see some play with Nexus-S and Nexus-D. The most common variation is the raw attack variation, which uses Xtreme' or Quick' but can make use of Hunter' and all variations of the 3. We most commonly see Belial 3/2 as the core for added burst resistance due to the extremely high recoil that Ultimate provides. It is also very common to see Phoenix as the core due to the use of Mold 1 Metal Xtreme.

Vanish is a very interesting blade. It uses rubber to equalize and does pretty great work in both same and opposite spin, given the right matchups. It does fall short when it comes to high mode equalization, but as it's own interesting and useful niche being one of two truly viable options for BDr use in left spin and generally being the better of the two. It's ability to be used in Same-spin as well as opposite makes it a bit of a wild card. You will usually see it on BDr or BMb with Spread', Over, or Illegal. It uses Longinus, Bahamut, or Helios as the core, Longinus is preferred for BDr, Bahamut or Helios is preferred for BMb. It is also common to see Vanish on some opposite-spin drivers like Drift, Metal Drift, Mobius or Zone'+Z and uses mostly the same drivers and cores as the previously mentioned variation.

Burst is a very cool and useful blade, and is considered to be a bit of a Jack of all Trades. We have seen it most commonly used in a similar fashion to World, however it sees a lot of use as a same-spin stamina type as well as a defense type, an anti-attack type, and even an attack type in some circumstances.
The most common variation being the high mode equalizer, it usually uses Drift or Metal Drift, though we have seen Mobius used on it successfully as well. It will use Over, Spread', Illegal, Wheel, Moon, or even Nexus-S in this variation, and they are all slightly different but the end result usually is the same. Some people prefer this variation of Burst over World due to the versatility increase as well as the inclusion of rubber blades on Burst that allows it to offeset the balance of Wind and Dynamite-F.
The other variation we see most commonly is the Anti-Attack variant (Credit to beywieldingqueen). This variation uses the Xplosion or Xceed'+Z drivers with a soft launch to emulate the attack pattern of an opposite spin opponent, and stop them at the ridge of the stadium. It works exceptionally well against Guilty and will often find itself winning the equalizing matchup by a small fraction of a rotation.

Big circle wins.
Wind is a great stamina type and an exceptional defense type. 
The stamina variations are many, as it can basically carry any stamina driver, however the most common versions of this combo will use BDr, HXt+', or Bearing'. Disc choice is usally based on the choice of driver, however we most commonly see Over, Illegal, and Spread' on these, with a pretty big emphasis on Spread'. The HXt+' variant often uses Xcalibur or Perseus for extra weight. It is good against same-spin, opposite-spin, attack, and pretty much anything you can think of. 
The Defense variations are a little less free. They will either use Moment or Zeal as a driver, and usually Spread' or Over as the disc to prevent scrape on the lower drivers. The idea here is to stay low and equalize with Guilty. The Zeal variation WILL NOT WORK against LAD Guilty, but the Moment one will. That being said, Zeal works better against Ultimate and Xiphoid, so your choice will likely have to be meta dependent. You also will generally want to use Xcalibur or Perseus for the extra weight, as it will help you keep from being uppered out of the stadium.


It's a mini version of guilty. See Guilty for most options. LAD variation hasn't been tested on this in our meta. 

Barricade is a super cool blade, with a really neat gimmick, and it's really great against left-spin in every variation, but can't seem to find a way to beat anything in Same-Spin. It works excellently as an opposite-spin equalizer and opposite-spin defense. It shuts down most guilty combos without any hesitation and will equalize with everything in left spin. 
The most common variations for Barricade are going to use Drift, Metal Drift, and Mobius as they are the best drivers for opposite-spin equalizing. For defense variations we have Zeal, Moment, and Unite' that all will work excellent against Guilty. For disc, most combos use Illegal as barricade is very wide and illegal helps to keep the blade from scraping. Over is also great, but great care is suggested if you decide to use Spread' as it can actully allow the blade to scrape on the stadium floor in defense variations.

Prominence is an interesting beast, as it fits a similar niche to Barricade. It uses almost all of the same combo variations, but allows for a slight amount more freedom in same-spin matchups with some combos using Bearing', Bearing Drift, and even HXt+'. Most commonly used to counter Guilty, it has seen some use in opposite-spin for equalizing on Drift and Metal Drift. You generally will want to use Illegal on this as well, but Over and Spread' are also fantastic. Most players do use the Heavy mode for the armor which keeps it on, however it does seem to perform slightly better in same-spin when the armor comes off, so this decision will be heavily meta-dependent. 

See Ultimate above.
All of the variations for Savior and Ultimate are virtually the same, aside from that Savior will sometimes use Moon and a BU Lock core to get some extra burst resistance, due to Savior's insane recoil. Unfortunately that recoil also tends to be Savior's Downfall because of that lack of burst resistance.

King R:
King is a bit of a new addition to our meta and hasn't seen much play yet, but it showed a lot of success and promise in recent tournaments. Used primarily as an equalizer, it seems to do mostly the same things as Burst in left-spin. The most recent iteration of this combo used Metal Drift and Spread' in high mode to tower over opposite-spin opponents and was able to scrape out wins fairly consistently. This will require more testing.

Astral has had it's competitive play and it is still used fairly commonly with Mobius or Bearing' however Burst has taken it's place in the meta heavily as it does most of the things Astral does but better, and it even does a larger variety of things than Astral. If you don't own Burst, Astral can be an excellent addition to your deck, but it is definitely outclassed in the current meta.

This is one of the most unfortunate entries I'll be writing here. Roar continues to be one of the most elusive blades for players to get a hold of, and is highly coveted, but unfortunately it is outclassed in most of it's functions by other better options. That being said, it is absolutely still viable and does make appearances in winning combinations, but takes a bit more proficiency to use effectively than say Vanish or Burst. 
The common Roar variations we see are using BDr or BMb for Stamina, Drift or Metal Drift for Equalizing, and Moment or Zeal for defense. Usually using Spread' or Over, as Illegal is a bit wide for Roar and causes scrape on lower drivers. 
The primary issue with Roar as an equalizer is that it has very poor matchups against Wind. Even with BDr and BMb, it will usually die to wind because of the way that roar is shaped, it slows itself down too quickly. It holds up better against Dynamite, and it will go toe-to-toe with Vanish in Same-Spin, so it still has it's applications, but it it is unfortunately too inconsistent to be considered for A-tier. 
As a defense type, it is just a bit too small. Unlike Wind and Prominence, it isn't wide, so it doesn't really stop attack patterns from rubber drivers, and similarly unlike Wind and Prom, it isn't thick enough to get in the way of upper attack. It also doesn't have the rubber blades that Burst has to stop attack types at the ridge, so it just gets thrown out by smash attack types. 
That being said, there have been some occasions where Roar BMb has been able to equalize with wind, and if you can bet on your opponents being bad at attack, defense on Moment will keep Roar in the stadium.


Surprisingly, we have seen Cyclone in the top twice this season. The combo uses Over and HXt+' and works in both spin directions. Dies to Dynamite-F but seems somewhat viable against most other stamina types. Obviously due to size and height, this combo gets wrecked by attack, most specifically Guilty.

Super R:
Super R's funtionality is identical to that of King R's but it gets put in the lower tier simply because there is less use for Right-Spin equalizers than there is for Left-Spin equalizers. That being said, it can be used similary to Burst for anti-attack and shutting down Guilty.

Greatest Raphael:
Same as Super R, placed lower due to a lack of necessity for Right-Spin equalizers, and unfortunately for Raphael, that's really all it can do.


There is one reasonably useful combo for Gatling (Credit to Zankye) and it is really not that reasonable or useful. Unfortuntely nicknamed the "Tower of Power", it uses Moon and High Wave' in High Mode. I really don't have much else to say about this combo, as it's heavily unnecessary in the meta and it is almost never used.

Chain is a reasonably good defense type, unfortunately outclassed in every other tier. It has applications in same-spin and opposite-spin using drivers like Moment, Zeal, and Unite' but unfortunately has found itself unneccesary in the current meta.


Anyway, that's my list for blades. I will be posting one up for each other part soon when I have some more time. I already have the lists and graphics done, i just need to write one of these threads up for each one. Please feel free to let me know your thoughts and what you'd do differently! 

Happy Blading!

RE: Beyblade Burst Competitive Tier List By Part (Blades) - MagikHorse - Mar. 07, 2024

World is... actually kind of overrated. If you go into High Mode against it World tends to catch on the bottom of DB/BU blades and get destabilized in a way that doesn't typically work out as well in its favor. Add that to its lighter weight, worsened burst resistance if used on a single chassis for more LAD, and a lack of same spin stamina prowess and it's actually really easy to take out. If it's really such a large threat, your people need to start using High Mode or attack more often to make it regret coming into the match.

Also, it's been proven that metal free cores actually have better LAD for World, with Fafnir topping the charts in left spin and Wyvern topping right spin. I don't recall exactly who did those tests originally, but the metal clad chips are more of a defensive boost than an LAD boost so... just a little something for your region to chew on.

I should mention as well that Devil+F is slightly better at opposite spin, while Dynamite+F is slightly better at same spin. It's rather minor, but it's a small optimization to be made depending on your goals with the blade. There's also a tech of using Dynamite/Devil +F Xcalibur as a more defensive form, and as long as you don't activate the blade it's actually pretty terrifying. Am surprised to see this above Wind though, people used to gripe about Wind and its massive defenses all the time but never complained about Dynamite/Devil one bit. They're a bit easier to knock around too, that's for sure.

I'd usually call Guilty on Zone'+Z a Burst Attacker variant, though this might be my own preference given that Zone'+Z does offer some additional burst attack that other stamina tips (besides Octa) don't offer.

I should mention that Critphoid's preferred disk is Moon, not Xanthus, at least around most places when it was somewhat popular. Moon lacks the same issues of scraping that Xanthus can suffer from while still offering a BU lock to keep it stuck right in the center. Spread' is not a disk for a proper Critphoid due to the lack of a BU lock, that's a regular attacker with a Metal Xtreme attached instead (a half-Critphoid if you must).

Ultimate is still good even unworn, I think people underrate what the rubber can grab onto sometimes. People still seem to prefer it worn, but there are a few things it is still better against with a fresher copy, especially things that have rubber themselves. Similarly Nexus+S/+D leaves a rather big hole in your longevity without the raw power to back it up, I'd usually prefer Giga or Fortress for an alternative if I'm not using a pure stamina disk like Over or Illegal on it. Giga is similarly good on Guilty, though it does have a little less stamina than Fortress it can be easier to control.

I should also step in to defend Roar here. It is a bit hard to get in stock colors (the gold Roar Spriggan from a random booster is probably the easiest to get), but its extra aggression is underutilized, and so is its stability.

I have been known to outspin Vanish decently often with Roar on Bearing Drift, High Xtend+', and even Metal Never (though I also launch particularly hard so take this with a grain of salt). If it ever rounds out it becomes incredibly difficult to knock out, sometimes even tankier than Vanish, but this pretty much requires using the Bahamut core to attempt and that means missing out on a marginal cut of stamina. I should mention that Roar's a particularly good fit for left spin High Wave' combos too, as that usually wins by destabilizing opponents that are shorter (which should be everything) by using some aggressive point of the wheel. Roar's two little slices are great for doing exactly this, giving a way to beat down left spin Bearing Drift combos with relative ease the same way Burst's rubber can while likely beating it.

This is ignoring the ability to just use Roar like an aggressive wheel and throw it on Xtreme'/Quick'. Xiphoid stands little chance of dealing with that, and you've still got decent odds against other pure Stamina types too. Even worse, if Roar versus Rage ever happens that Rage is just done for, Roar's known for getting Rage combos caught in its gaps and bursting it apart, and that's on more stamina and defense combos. Imagine what aggressive roar can pull off instead!

And if you want a meme Roar combo because you feel like having fun more than winning, give Almight+S+V a try. It's a bit more flexible on Roar than most other blades, with decent stamina if launched slow enough and enough bite to fight back aggressively if you need an out. It's not great, but it is fun, funny, and can always win no matter the opponent... just not always well. This is Almight we're talking about here, after all.