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Crystal Wheel - Thief - Suzaku-X - May. 01, 2022

Thief is a Crystal released as a part of the Metal System, as well as the Zero-G System. It debuted in Zero-G Random Booster Vol. 1 Thief Phoenic on April 21, 2012.


Thief is a three-sided Crystal Wheel with three sides, with a flame-patterned wing design. One of these wings is significantly bigger than the others, which should theoretically cause an imbalance. However, it does not affect balance that much, due to being plastic. While Thief does not offer any advantages over a second Chrome Wheel, in Limited format, Thief Phoenic in Crystal Up mode is a good option for Attack combinations, as Thief offers great synergy with Phoenic's three-sided shape, which is at its best in Crystal Up mode. While it has more recoil than options such as Metal System Pegasis, the combination of these two parts is still a viable and versatile attacker. 


While Thief, along with other Crystal Wheels, are outclassed in Standard due to weighing too little, in Limited format, Thief is a great option to pair with Phoenic for attack combinations, and is a versatile attacker in Limited format, despite high recoil. Therefore, Thief is not a must-have, but a welcome addition to Limited format.