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Michigan Blader’s Alliance - BeersandBeys - Mar. 17, 2022

Hi there! Are you an older teen/adult, live in Michigan, and want to get together and battle with other older Bladers, but don’t know where to find them…?
Michigan Blader’s Alliance is the team for you!
Currently looking for new members, PREFERABLY 18+ around Metro-Detroit, but not entirely exclusive to that criteria.

1. Must own at least one Burst-series or Metal Fight Beyblade

2. You must handle your own transportation.

Team Members:
1. BeersandBeys

2. (Personal friend who is not on the WBO yet, VERY into Beyblading)

RE: Michigan Blader’s Alliance - --- - Mar. 17, 2022

Im stationed in Cleveland Ohio which is three hours away so if theres ever a tournmnet up there I could possibly go

RE: Michigan Blader’s Alliance - KingScrubby_ - Mar. 22, 2022

Stationed in Kalamazoo, Michigan over here if you need another member.