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Cyclone Ragnaruk spin-time - Prawnzer - Aug. 20, 2021

Hey guys, new to the forum. Thought I’d start a thread about what my curiosity lead me to this morning. I wanted to know just how long exactly (on average) Cyclone Ragnaruk can spin for (until all motion is stopped). Using the standard Burst stadium, I launched just about 10 times as low and centre as I could, to max out my time. By the final attempt I managed to get it to about 3 minutes on the dot, however on average it seemed to stop at around 2 minutes and 40 seconds most times. So if you can all be honest, what times are you getting? (I was using a sparking string launcher).

RE: Cyclone Ragnaruk spin-time - El Diablo :) - Aug. 21, 2021

You could get a 3 minutes spin time with stock combo Cyclone Ragnaruk on a standard beystadium. If your launch is powerful and accurate enough.