What are BeyPoints?

One of the main goals of the World Beyblade Organization is to provide a competitive atmosphere for Bladers. To that end, we have created the BeyPoints System. When you win a battle against another WBO-registered Blader, you gain BP. When you lose a battle, you lose BP. The amount of BP won or lost depends on what the difference of BP is between you and your opponent.

BeyPoints are used to estimate the skill level of a Blader. It is assumed that a Blader with a high amount of BP is stronger than a Blader with less BP. When a Blader with high BP defeats a Blader with low BP, he will not gain much. However, if he loses to a Blader with much less BP than him, he will lose a large amount of BP.

You will always gain the same amount of BP your opponent loses, and vice versa. Therefore, to continue to gain decent amounts of BP, you must battle Bladers at a similar level to you. If you have not yet created a BeyPoints Record, you can do so by clicking here.