With more than 60,000 members, you can expect several questions to have already been asked many times before! So the following is an archive of the most frequently asked :

Q: How do I battle people?
A: The World Beyblade Organization is a fan-run group that encourages competitive play. You cannot play against somebody online here : all the attempts that were made with Beyblade games are highly unrealistic, and they are very boring compared to the actual act of playing with a Beyblade with your hands. Therefore, you need to attend one of our approved tournaments somewhere around the world, and you just enjoy the intensity of “real life” battles! If you somehow still wish to battle online, BeybladeBattles.com is for you.

Q: When is the next tournament in my area?
A: Tournaments that are planned to happen are listed in the Upcoming Events box on the index, on the left side of the site. You cannot miss it!

Q: Do I need a Beypointer to play?
A: While we use the term "Beypoint", we are not affiliated with TAKARA-TOMY’s mechanism at all. In fact, the Beypoint System is an online system. What you need to do as a Blader is simply to play in a tournament, nothing else! While you play, the judges will be writing down your victories and your losses, and all of this data will be compiled after the tournament, and then a Committee member will process everybody’s matches in the Beypoint System, and Beypoints will be taken or given accordingly, automatically!

Q: Can you send me a free Beyblade?
A: We unfortunately do not have the means to send free Beyblades to anybody who asks for some. However, you can work to get one! Sometimes, we hold contests that can make you win special prizes such as Beyblades, but you always have to do something to get it, whether it is purchasing a Blader Passport, or, like with our current Blader Rewards campaign, accumulating enough Credits to get prizes! You can learn more about it here.

Q: What are those facebolts below people’s avatars? How do I get them?
A: We use the original term "Faces" to describe those. Make sure to read the following pages to learn more about the Face collection:
Explanation of the Face collection
List of Faces
Reading the Faces’ descriptions can really help understanding the way you can get them under your avatar. You can also check all the members who have received the Faces to get an even better idea of what they had to achieve to be awarded those Faces.

Q: Why is there an entry fee? Are you guys pocketing my money?
A: The World Beyblade Organization is an entirely not-for-profit organization. All of the staff members and all of the hosts are complete volunteers and do not get even one cent for their work. Rest assured that all the money we collect is not taken as the WBO's, it remains everybody else's, and as such, we make sure that it gets put right back into the community in one, but not limited to, the following methods:
- Paying for this site to be hosted, so that everyone can enjoy its features, its information, and its discussion platform;
- Maintaining ownership of our domain names, which isn't costly by the way;
- Paying for the development of specially designed plugins and programs to improve the website or offer new features to please our Members, such as the BeyPoint System;
- Purchasing awesome prizes for campaigns and giveaways;
- Once in a while, reimbursing some costs of prizes and stadiums to organisers of tournaments;
- Keeping some money aside for future big projects;
- etc.