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Full Version: Communication with the Beyblade Wiki
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As you know, the Burst section of Beyblade Wiki is in a pretty unfinished state, continues to be in an unfinished state, and the problem is only getting worse as new beys are rolled out.  Many articles on parts(even those that have been on the market for over a year and have seen competitive use) are left with the same message; "In-depth information for [X] will be placed here once drafting has been completed for it. Please be patient."  Meanwhile, there are plenty of threads, here, discussing all of these parts, and for the most part, testers have pretty much come to the same conclusions.  There's even a tier list in these forums(granted, it requires some updating, but it's still more than what the wiki currently has).  Another issue with the wiki is that it requires approval of drafts before any articles can be made, but nobody seems to be approving any drafts at all.  So, we've got this situation where the people running the wiki don't want to update it with actual info and the people actually playing the game, who generally know the parts better than anyone else, aren't doing anything to help the wiki.  This, in turn, makes getting into the Burst metagame very difficult for new bladers, and ultimately makes looking up parts for specific information an absolute chore.  What is going on here?  Do you think the customization threads should be communicating more with the wiki editors?
I agree. And adding on, Id like to note that the issue here pretty much extends to all parts of the wiki, and not just the Burst parts and toys

Its granted that people are busy, thus why I prefer using Discord to contact wikigoers quickly. Even then, the communication problem you mentioned is just as bad. Left and right, wiki mods and other folks dont tend to acknowledge criticism/feedback/proposals/questions — even if theyre aware that someone said something, theres not a lot of response besides a Discord reaction or WBO site starring/liking option. Contacting someone on the wiki itself also — half of time — results in slow responses or dead-end conversations/shrugs

At its essence, the entire wiki is pretty much just not good with communication and sorting itself out, be it for Burst parts or animanga content or whatever. Im interested in a better system and communication as well