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Full Version: What nail polish should I use for beyblade stickers?
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I'm pretty sure at least some of us use clear nail polish to protect the stickers on a beyblade, especially with a lot of recent releases needing the stickers to not look so bland. I've been using it for awhile for all my beys, though a few weeks ago I had an incident where the nail polish left visual and apparent lifting of the paint on a beyblade. Luckily it was just a random booster bey I doubt people care about, but I noticed the same thing happening with beys with yellow paint when I used them though they're no where near as apparent and looked normal. The question is if there's a type or brand of clear nail polish that wont lift the paint so much?
Hello, nail polish fanatic here. Its quite a problem for nail polish to have toxic chemicals, especially toluene, which is a paint thinner and can — as the description implied — mess up the paint. Luckily theres been a rise of non-toxic polish, but nevertheless are quite expensive and hard to find

Since youre looking for clear nail polish, this is harder since top and base coats (both clear) dont usually advertise themselves as nontoxic. Brands I recommend — which are free of most chemicals — are China Glaze and Pacifica. They claim that theyre free of bad chemicals, but Im not sure if that extends to their clear polishes since theyre typically of different compounds from the colored ones

Apologies if Im not too helpful. Im not really tactical with Beyblade stuff, and Im mostly here to recommend what I can with nail polish knowledge
Honestly theres nail polish is kinda pointless if you plan to use beys im battle after applying it. I recommend clear coat spray paint. Specifically for outdoor items. Not only is this stuff clear and doesn't effect performance but its also very durable. If your looking to keep your stickers from peeling 1 or 2 thin coats will do the trick. If you're younger make sure you get some adult help to correctly apply it. As it is toxic and produces fumes that shouldn't be breathed in. I use it on my display beys and some of my beys with alot of stickers or tiny stickers.

If you don't want to use clearcoat. Then acrylic polish is your best bet. It's considerably less toxic and can be applied with much more accuracy.

You can also use a light superglue with a tiny brush to achieve a similar effect.

Another slight effective method if your young you should get an adult to do this is using a hair dryer or heatgun to melt stickers onto the beyblade. This takes a few times to permanently adhere but after 3 or 4 burst and a 20 mim cools down they should be permanently adhered to the beyblade. But theyre mot very protected and can still be scratched or ripped off by other blades.