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My posts are disappearing if you have any news on what's going on please let me know here or in a pm please just do either I don't care
And soon this one will too disappear.

They could have been deleted by a mod, you may have been offline when it happened and it kinda glitched, or you never hit the post button in the first place
no it happened when i was online
Well, let’s see if it happens again. I don’t know what it could be, but if it happens again tell us. Your best bet for now is to hope it doesn’t glitch again. Also what posts in particular were deleted?
Staff could just be deleting it.

But then again it could be a glitch
Not the first time this has come up.

What were the posts that went missing? Were they good posts? Did they follow the rules? Would it appear to staff as if you were spamming random threads to try and reach a post count of 50 to take the organizer's quiz (which is currently down)?
I was new but I not spam any more so they no dissappear no more