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Full Version: Opinion on the LGS hold event weekly
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I been talking to local game store to hold a weekly casual event. Once week to bladers come in play. I want to see you guys opinion I just don't know if it's a good idea? What you want to see in LGS hold? I want bladers have place to play.
It's up to you and the store really. There have been WBO tournaments held at gaming stores before.

You could theoretically just do a few hours of casual play matchups in a bunch of stadiums, or do a non-competitive round robin, or just hang out and blade and talk strategy.

It's kind of weird situation here on WBO because the rules prohibit advertising non-WBO events. There's work underway, supposedly, for having space and rules to discuss local non-WBO events, but that's not in place yet. Right now, it's still not allowed. What IS allowed on WBO is setting up a WBO tournament using the WBO ruleset. There's a lot of thought and research that went into the rules and resources behind WBO, but it is at times inflexible. If you're willing to operate within WBO's structures, it works well. And if you want to significantly deviate (weekly non-WBO meetups, age restrictions, flexible recordkeeping) then it's not a good fit.

What I'll say is this. Figure out who the other bladers are in the area, who are still active on WBO, and directly (not on the forums) contact them and ask them if they'd be interested. You're located in Grand Rapids, Michigan, so perhaps other people will contact you directly to find out the details of the venue and the time.

Good luck.
Thank you for the advice. I still have a lot to learn with the WBO. It's all new to me so much to learn. Again appreciate for the help.