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Full Version: Inferno Ifrit Heavy Reboot'
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Inferno Ifrit Heavy Reboot'

Inferno Ifrit Heavy Reboot' would probably be best classified as a Stamina/Attack hybrid, more specifically a strange hybrid between a Mixed Attacker and a Smash Attacker. Both of these types that make up its, uh, typography generally only perform well in same-spin matchups, which is great, because Burst Classic, the format that I'm testing the combo in, is probably the most single spin format in all of Beyblade. Basically, this combo aims to OS its opponent via Smash Attack, though it can serve as a decent Mixed Attacker as well.

Inferno Ifrit: The contact points and raised shape of I2 make it perfect for smashing, and while it is quite burst resistant, it's somewhat easy to break, so be careful. Basically, this layer is Deku. It also has around Neptune-levels of Stamina on its own, and as Mixed Attackers already incoroprate elements of Tornado Stallers, it can also function as a decent Tornado Staller.
Heavy: It's heavy and has a lot of CWD, which is good for Smash and synergizes especially well with the Driver because of this. Yell could also work (especially if you have a heavy one), since it continues I2's shape kinda well.
Reboot': The mini tip that comes out at the beginning of the battle provides for controllable movement, a few extra mm of height, better RPM retention at the start of battle, and the ability to launch pretty much as hard as you want without self-KOing. One of the main drawbacks to Smash Attack is that it takes so much vertical recoil, so sometimes after a big hit you end up just as destabilized as your opponent. However, when the Reboot activates, dropping onto the larger surface area will often cause the combo to restabilize and continue to attack its opponent.

Check out the video version of this combo here: --↴


Inferno Ifrit Heavy Reboot' vs Acid Anubis Knuckle Revolve
I2.H.Rb': 14 wins (8 OS, 6 Burst)
A2.K.R: 6 wins (all OS)
I2.H.Rb' win rate: 70%

Inferno Ifrit Heavy Reboot' vs Dranzer F Yell Absorb-S
I2.H.Rb': 15 wins (1 KO, 8 Burst, 6 OS)
DzF.Y.Ab-S: 5 wins (all OS)
1 tie redone
I2.H.Rb' win rate: 75%

For both Revolve and Ab-S, I flat hard launched them and hard sliding shot I2. It more about even with a top level Revolve/Ab-S combos, when it was unable to burst them. Getting the launch angle right is important here, since they are both stationary cones and I2 needs a lot of contact to win. If I did that, I2 would generally knock A2/DzF off balance pretty easily or grind down its stamina. If I2 didn't get a lot of early game contact and then stalled when the reboot kicked in, it would lose.The bursts could happen at any stage of the battle really, though they were more common after the reboot had activated. I don't have a newton-meter, but based on how much it bursts I'm pretty sure I don't have the 2N version of Ab-S. Even so, I2 has a good chance to OS, unlike right below where nothing bursted.

Alternative stamina type strategy: hard sliding shoot might help avoid early hits that could burst a 1N Ab-S, but at the cost of starting off the battle already a lil destabilized. It's up to your risk.

Inferno Ifrit Heavy Reboot' vs Yegdrion Heavy Yard-S
I2.H.Rb': 2 wins (all OS)
Y.H.Yr-S: 18 wins (all OS)
4 ties redone
I2.H.Rb' win rate: 10%

I straight hard launched Y1 and did the same for I2 for like the first 2 rounds before I realized it wouldn't work in a solo testing environment, then I switched to hard sliding shoot.

The Y1 combo pretty much hard countered I2, which is more or less what I expected. Yr-S in general should be a pretty solid answer to this combo, since it is both a ball and tall, which counters the I2 combo's gimmick. I figured there'd at least be a few bursts, but my new Yr-S is just too tight. 3 of the ties were double bursts though.

In a 2-player match I2 should have a decent window of landing an early game hit and KOing a hard-launched, stalling Yr-S, if the mini-tip on Rb' catches the Tornado Ridge well. That's what I was trying to do in the first match but Yr-S was running out of steam too fast.

Inferno Ifrit Heavy Reboot' vs Valtyrek V2 Yell Hunter-S
I2.H.Rb': 13 wins (1 KO, 3 Burst, 9 OS)
V2.Y.Hn-S: 7 wins (4 KO, 1 Burst, 2 OS)
2 ties redone
I2.H.Rb' win rate: 65%

For I2, I flat launched at a medium-high strength (maybe ~65%? Can Deku even go that high yet?) - the trick against KO Attack is to time the Reboot properly so your semi-aggressive movement avoids their hyper-aggressive movement, and you run away as they start to slow down.
I didn't particularly stick to one strategy for the V2 (flat launching/stalling vs. sliding shoot at various angles) because I didn't really find one to be particularly more effective than another.

Inferno Ifrit Heavy Reboot' vs Dragoon F Gravity Drift*
I2.H.Rb': 2 wins (1 KO, 1 OS)
DgF.G.Dr: 18 wins (1 KO, 1 Burst, 16 OS)
I2.H.Rb' win rate: 10%

I wasn't really sure how to approach this, as I2. For Dragoon I just weak launched, though my Drift is so tight that I can get away with launching a little less carefully(?) with my weak launch. First I tried mid-strength Sliding Shooting it, just before the Reboot activated, to see if I could score an early game KO or Burst with the more aggressive shaped tip (despite my lower speed). I knew the mini tip was not going to KO it even with a stronger launch, but then I thought I had a smart idea: I would hard sliding shoot it to "charge it up" and then switch to the more aggressive and vibration movement to try and burst the now faster-spinning Dragoon. I felt like an anime character, until that didn't work either, and the charged up Dragoon actually KOed/bursted I2 once. Finally I just tried stalling I2 and finally won on a late round, so I decided to keep going to see if this strategy would change things. I was able to launch Dragoon a little harder and just not get outspun. Sometimes Beyblade is just that simple ¯\_ (ツ)_/¯

*denotes a part that is currently on the watchlist.


It got good results vs Stamina and Attack, and it's definitely tournament viable imo, but I can't say for sure if it's particularly better than any other of the many Defense/Stamina/Destabilize-y setups that exist in this game, since they all cover slightly different opponents and interact with each other a little differently. I just thought it was cool that these two relatively overlooked parts synergized together well and thought that was worth building a combo around.
Well, time to Aggressively find a Blue/Black Ifrit and get a frickton of RB26’s
ayy spicy combos are back