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Full Version: Wolborg MS cracked bearing core??? (Also combo question)
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I just bought it a week ago -.- and although i had been enjoying beating every single person at school who ahd plastics and other hms blades(closest being a worn down dems that couldnt beat it still no matter what).

Problem is now it has got big long line crack that goes from close to the middle of the tip straight to the edge then all the way up. I did like 3 battles after that happened and still won them but it doesnt seem to last as long now =/ even worst is now the competition got better(havent played against the new comp yet but its not doing as good and yeah im sad =(). I need a quick alternative that will perform as well!

I ahd this in mind since the parts arent hard to get:

AR: Advance Balancer (Averazer)
WD: Circle Wide
RC: Metal sharp core (Eterner)

Would it perform as good as the uncustomized wolborg or better or even as close to it. Back in the day i always had this problem with bases wearing down quickly. Just should have gotten one with a metal tip in the first place like the dems....
The crack is soo big its not funny you could see it a mile away =/

I will try to upload a pic of the core if needed...
Wolborg MS is better.
Would the crack affect it that much? Havent had a proper place to test the spin as i have no stadium so yeah. the crack is just at the buttom plastic part but its not affecting the tip. Wish i could explain myself incase you dunno what im talking about but the picture is from a high quality cam but yet i cant get a good pic to show =/
It should effect it adversely, but if it's just a small line on the core (not the tip) it should be okay, it'll just be fragile.
Alright then thanks. Definitely have to buy another one when i get the money tho as i love this blade!

I know what caused it so it definitely wont happen again. One occasion where like 5 blades launched into the stadium (we normally had 1v1 only but some smarty pants thought it would be "cool") which was on a table about 5 ft high then it got hit out and landed on the tile ground still spinning then i saw the huge crack when i picked it up. Guessing it cracked when it hit the ground
I've cracked like 2 Bearing Cores on the tip area, and another's clips where the Bit Protector attaches. It's definitely fragile.