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Full Version: Bladin' in the Bluegrass
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Participant Cap: 24 (didnt see a spot to put this in)

MUST READ: Covid-19 Guidelines in Effect
[font="Titillium Web", sans-serif]Due to COVID-19, all tournament participants and attendees are required to abide by the requirements outlined and linked in full detail below. If you do not, you may be asked to leave the tournament area. Thank you for your understanding and stay safe![/font]

1. Feeling unwell? Stay at home.
2. Wear a Mask or Face Covering
3. Thumbs Up Instead of Handshakes
4. Do Not Lend or Play with Others Equipment
5. During Beyblade Inspection, Disassemble Beyblades for Judges
6. Do Not Bring More Than 1 Person With You
7. Maintain Physical Distancing (2 meters/6 feet apart)
8. After each Match Judges Must Disinfect Stadium
9. Only Bladers Registered Before the Tournament Day may Participate
10. Eliminated from the tournament? You must leave the tournament area.

[font="Titillium Web", sans-serif]Please see additional event information and any local or federal requirements below.[/font]

[font="Titillium Web", sans-serif]WBO COVID-19 REQUIREMENTS[/font]
[font="Titillium Web", sans-serif]Covid-19 State Guidelines:[/font]

...please tell me I did this right, i probably didn't, though..
This event has been approved.
Good luck, have fun.
Good luck with your first event !
Just going to say this, I currently cannot do prizes. I would have put the MOT stuff in, but I want second and third place to get a prize instead of first being the only one. If anything changes in the coming months, I'll inform y'all.
Good luck!
It's about 2 hours away, but 2 hours is manageable enough. If nothing goes wrong with work to delay me, you should see me there.
I should be able to go
double checked with my family to see if we had anything going on july 31st and luckily I'm able to go can't wait
I’ll be trying to go myself
Hope to get in

Thank I got in see you guy there
I finally get to go to my first tournament 😃
same here.......hopefully
Ight, 4 hour drive for me!
To the blader with no name that registered, I'm sorry, but I have to drop you. Your profile is inaccessible, and it would just be a pain to shout absolutely nothing when it's your turn for a match.
This will be my first tournament I’ve ever gone to I’ll try to bring my A game
First tournament! We'll be coming from 9 hours away. Thanks, BusyBlader! (We need more tournaments in the Midwest!)

Update: Apologies! We had to drop out. One spot is open for anyone who wants to join! We'll try for the next one.
im excited, to battle yall
cant wait this will be my first one ,
Today, the Belial I won from the Giveaway arrived, but instead of keeping it for myself... I'm going to use it as a Tournament prize! If I get any more potential prizes, I will be sure to inform yall.
Wow, it looks like this will be everyone's first tournament except BusyBlader's...
(Jun. 12, 2021  12:33 AM)JCE_13 Wrote: [ -> ]Wow, it looks like this will be everyone's first tournament except BusyBlader's...

Yep, I've competed in a few already. Learned what to do and what NOT to do in the process.

On another note, it would appear there are only four slots left in the tournament! I'm amazed that it actually has filled up this quickly! I hope to see everyone that signed up for the tournament bringing their A-Game!
Edit: accidentally hit post reply before I needed to... Wow.
Hi guys this is my first tournamet, coming from ohio cant wait!
I’m excited for my 1st tournament!
My frist time to
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