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Full Version: Heaven (Gen) Testing and Discussion
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(Note: As of this thread's opening, Heaven is banned in Burst Limited.)

Long ago, there was a man who tested GT layer bases in Limited. But when finals came up, he vanished. Since then, dozens of threads of less than stellar testing have popped up. But that all changes today.

Heaven Spriggan.Outer.Orbit Gen vs Twin Nemesis.Outer.Orbit MGC
(Simultaneous launching)
HS.outer.O Gen: 7 wins (7 OS)
tN.outer.O MGC: 3 wins (3 OS)
Ties: 1 tie

Heaven Spriggan.10Proof.Atomic Gen vs Twin Nemesis.00Expand.Destroy' MGC
(tN launched second)
HS.10P.At Gen: 6 wins (6 OS)
tN.00E.Ds' MGC: 4 win (3 OS, 1 KO)
Ties: 1 tie

Ok I feel like this one was kind of a waste of time. We know Heaven should have bad LAD and good defense like Grand, and good burst resistance from having Gen. If it beats tN in stamina easily, its just OP. It kinda did, so I don't really see any more testing being necessary. (Basically same tier as Flare and Wizard.)

What a "great" first testing to come back with. I'm doing Naked next.